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Cambridge based style, life & travel blogger. I work in marketing and I also write for various online publications. I'm a vegan. You can find a few tips and posts on veganism among my usual style & travel features!

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Monday, 24 October 2016

A/W Refresh With Boohoo

I was recently contacted by one of the lovely ladies at Boohoo regarding one of their new A/W campaigns. The campaign is all about refreshing your winter wardrobe and donating your old season threads to charity. I loved this concept as I'm actually a big donator when it comes to my clothes. I hate to see anything go to waste, so every few months I bag up the items I'm not getting any use out of and donate them to the Air Ambulance among other charities. 

I chose this amazing teddy coat from the Boohoo Boutique range to refresh my A/W wardrobe and I'm donating around six old coats to charity! I actually sized up in this as my usual size had sold out but I quite like the oversized fit and it's SO cosy. Check out more Boohoo coats here.  
boohoo 3 boohoo 8 mango bow bag

boohoo 5 boohoo 4 boohoo 9 boohoo 7 boohoo 6

Thank you for the nudge Boohoo, I'm happy to be donating some of my older items to good causes. It's actually inspired me to have a bigger clear-out so I'll be sending a few more bags of unwanted clothing to those who are in much greater need, and I hope you might do the same! I was actually wondering if there were any homeless charities that might be seeking out warm coats and knitwear  for the upcoming cold season so if you know of any please comment or tweet me! 
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Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Cambridge Vegan Market 2016

On Saturday just past I headed into my local city of Cambridge to go and check out the vegan market that was taking place at the Guildhall. I was pretty excited, since going vegan six months ago I've found a new passion for all thing vegan! Whether that's food, clothes or cosmetics. I love finding new brands, and nothing beats the satisfaction of finding a great vegan product. I had no idea what to expect as I've never been to a vegan event before, and being in Cambridge (i.e. not London) I thought it might be quite small and fairly quiet.

Boy how I underestimated the vegan community of Cambridge! The market was absolutely PACKED and set over two fairly large rooms. I'd say there were around fifty stalls, all selling fabulous vegan treats. So here's a little look at what I picked up...

I'm drawn to candles as it is but since going vegan I've struggled to find any certified cruelty free & vegan candles made from soy wax. I made a beeline for this stall once I'd caught a glimpse of a few candles! They all smelt DIVINE, in fact I have one burning right now and it's gorgeous. They were three for £20 which I thought was a total bargain. I picked up Malabar Sandalwood, Wolf Wood & Fossil Amber - as you can tell I'm quite into my earthy, masculine scents. 

I've been wanting to try the vegan Lola's cupcakes for ages but whenever I go to London I forget to pick some up. They were four for £12 which I thought was pretty good and OH MY GOD they were absolutely delicious. 

My vegan prayers were answered when I stumbled across THESE. I don't really 'miss' anything now that I'm vegan, but I did used to eat a fair amount of potato salad back when I was veggie so I was keen to see how this measured up. I can confirm both are absolutely delicious and better than any egg products!

We all know how much I love bunnies, and owning four myself means I usually buy anything and everything that's bunny themed. I love this print from Jo Clark - and it fits perfectly with my grey and white interiors! Be sure to check out her website, there are tonnes of super cute greetings cards, prints & mugs perfect for Christmas presents!

I'd heard of Lettices from Vegan Food magazine so I was keen to give them a go myself. Everything was three for £12 and they had tasters out so you could give the products a try. I picked up the camembear spread (so tasty) and the holiday ham which I think I might cook on a pizza! I haven't tried the Mozzarella yet but I'll be sure to give you an update.Vegan Tote Bag Vegan Deviant Tote Bag

How cute is this tote bag?! Perfect for carrying my food shopping and spreading the message loud and clear haha. I also love the fun guy badge that came free with the tote - hehe. I've linked directly to the tote AND it's free shipping what more excuse do you need?!

Did you visit the Cambridge vegan market? Would you go to something like this in in the future? I'd love to hear your thoughts.
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Monday, 17 October 2016

In Defence Of Being A 24 Year Old Grandma

This year I turned 24, and I haven't stopped banging on about it either. A lot of early twenty somethings (yes still counting myself as early until I officially hit 25) are still quite into the going out scene. Or so my personal Facebook tells me anyway. But I couldn't think of anything worse. Am I old or am I anti-social? Is this normal? Should I still be going out? Am I throwing away my youth?

The thought of going 'out out' actually makes me feel slightly off colour. Don't get me wrong, I had my days of going out and being crazy and getting in at 4am to then start a breakfast shift at work for 6.30am. Those were the days. But now? I feel totally out of my comfort zone. I stand awkwardly, staring at all the tipsy carefree people around me and wanting to be anywhere but there. Why would I want to be in a crowded club full of sweaty people when I could be out for a nice meal, or even better, in my bed? I literally love nothing more than an evening snuggled in my blanket, with a good series to watch. Am I an OAP before my time? Should I be moving into one of those new over 55 complexes being built in my town? To be fair, they have lots of green space and have lovely little balconies. Lolol. But being a 24 year old Grandma has its perks...

1. You Save Money.  I would actually mourn the loss of my hard earned cash if I had to spend it on vodka again. Just think of all those holidays and clothes I'd be missing out on. I dread to think how much I used to spend on nights out aged 18. Now I prefer to squirrel away any spare cash to put towards trips abroad, impulse COS purchases, and house savings (snore). 

2. You Feel Healthier. I'm certain my liver is thanking me for being a premature OAP. Or so it should be anyway, do you know how good I am to you?!!

3. The Weekly Sunday Hangover Is No More. My god, how I used to struggle. I would always wake up super early after a night out and have those awful alcohol shakes, combined with a lovely stabbing headache, nausea and light headedness. All fun and games. 

4. You Have More Time For Important Affairs You know, like watching 8 hours of Prison Break solid. No regrets. 

5. You Don't Need Going Out Clothes My style is so casual that I don't even know where I would begin with trying to be 'out out' appropriate. Are faux fur sliders club appropriate? I used to style the good old Topshop black bodycon skirt (holla if you remember these) with a different crop top each week. I know. Style Queen. 

Are you over the going out scene? Are you a secret OAP too?
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Saturday, 15 October 2016

Halloween HomeSense Haul

It's no secret that I love Autumn, it's my favourite season and I was pretty much ready for it by July August! When I think of this time of year Halloween, bonfire night, cosy pub dinners and Netflix sessions spring to mind, and what's not to love about all of those activities?! I'm a huge horror film fan, so for me Halloween is an excuse to watch loads of gory and ghosty films with my fellow horror fan and BFF Rosie. This year we're going all out with the decorations, pumpkin carving, Halloween baking and film watching.

HomeSense kindly provided me with a voucher to pick up a few spooky homewares in store, so have a look at what I bought! *It took all of my strength not to come home with a life size skeleton.

I picked up this guy who was reduced to £4! What a bargain. I will probably have a couple of real pumpkins but I thought it was cute and not too Halloween trashy. Though I do love a bit of Halloween trash.
Halloween HomeSense Haul 1 Seasonal tea towels have become a bit of a thing in my life and I'm not actually sure WHEN I turned 85 but hey. I thought these were snazzy and they match my monochrome home style. The napkins were hugely unnecessary but I couldn't help myself! Halloween HomeSense Haul 4 I'm a sucker for candles as it is but a pumpkin patch?! SO cute! I haven't burnt any of these yet as I'm going to wait until the weekend before Halloween but they smell pretty good through the plastic. Halloween HomeSense Haul 5 I've been after a skull planter for an eternity so when I spotted this marble design I almost squealed. I'll probably put a candle in it for Halloween and afterwards I'll replace with a cactus or succulent. Who says skulls are just for Halloween hey? Halloween HomeSense Haul 3
Did I need cobweb plates? No. Did I want them? Yes. I also noticed the knitted pumpkins and thought they were quite cute and I liked the fact they were neutral so I think these will look good on my living room coffee table!

 Are you into Halloween? If you have any favourite Horror film recommendations then leave a comment or tweet me! 
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