Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Outfit: Black Bomber Jacket & White Shirt

blackbomberjacket3 blackbomberjacket2 blackbomberjacket4 blackbomberjacket1 blackbomberjacket5

This is what I like to call my off-duty (windswept) waiter look. Ho ho ho. Nothing groundbreaking and nothing new really, just an outfit I wore to lunch. I've been wearing these Missguided trousers to death recently I think I should buy another pair as it's rare to find trousers that fit waist, bum and length wise! I've got a crazy busy week this week, lots of new things going on and a couple of life updates which I'll probably chat about in the next post but for now I'll leave you with my waiters uniform. Au revoir!

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Beauty: Grown Alchemist Hydra-Repair Day Cream & Vanilla Lip Balm

Hello! From time to time I like to mix it up on this blog, I thought today I would review two new products I bought from Grown Alchemist via Feel Unique. It's been a recent mission of mine to invest more into my skincare regime. I was drawn towards the Grown Alchemist brand for several reasons, firstly they are totally cruelty free which is fantastic, they also use organic ingredients and stay away from anything nasty. And I would be lying if I said I wasn't also drawn to the packaging, it's simple and minimal which ticks my boxes!


The hydra-repair day cream is camellia and geranium blossom, it has a lovely light floral scent, not too strong. It glided on my face, and felt lovely and silky, it didn't leave a greasy feel either like some do and so far it hasn't irritated my skin whatsoever. It leaves my skin feeling dewy and acts as a nice pre-makeup base. I will definitely be re-buying.

grownalchemist2 grownalchemist3

I've suffered with a cold and sore throat recently which inevitably leads to horrible chapped lips. My regular lip balms weren't doing the trick, in fact I felt like they were doing the opposite so I splashed out a bit more than usual. The scent is pure watermelon, so if you don't like watermelons steer clear! I personally like it and the product has vastly improved my cracked lips, they feel nourished and healthy once more! 

Next up on my hit-list is a face mask from the range, but do let me know of any other brands I should give a go!

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Outfit: Grey Warehouse Jacket

warehousejacket4 warehousejacket6 warehousejacket1 warehousegreyjacket5 warehousejacket2 warehousejacket3

So I dug this faux leather top out from the depths of my wardrobe during the week, it's bad but sometimes I push things aside and generally forget they exist so it almost feels like I have a new top haha! My jacket is a Warehouse number, I've said it before but I've been loving that brand recently. They really upped their game in terms of their clothing but also the website, social media etc. they're just on point! A grey sleeveless jacket is definitely a staple piece and something I know I will get a million wears out of, and the material of this one in particular is a lovely thick jersey, almost scuba but not quite as heavy. 

I bought these trousers last week from Missguided, I'm sick of every pair of trousers I own being about 5 inches too long so I opted for this 'cropped' trouser et voila, a perfect for my short legs haha. They're literally mid-calf length on the model which is quite amusing but I'm not complaining!

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Outfit: Missguided Sleeveless Camel Jacket

missguidedcameljacket1 missguidedcameljacket2 mulberryhettie missguidedcameljacket3 missguidedcameljacket4 aossmonochromestripeshirt

You know when you spot something and you just know it's a must have for your wardrobe. This was the case with this gorgeous camel jacket from Missguided. It took me a little while to make the purchase but after excessive mulling I thought why not, it wasn't the expense that bothered me I just wasn't sure on how the quality would be but I was pleasantly surprised. It's fully lined and doesn't come across as cheap at all, I'm just hoping they bring out a grey version too! Teamed with one of my latest ASOS buys, the striped shirt. Simple but I think they make a good combo. I've been feeling a little spendy this week so I also bit another bullet and bought a pair of Adidas superstars, and whats great is I managed to get a junior size (who knew that included a size 6?!) so they only cost me 45 pounds, bargain! 
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