Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Wishlist: Spring Wants


Just a few things I think my wardrobe would benefit from right now! Although summer isn't usually my favourite season clothes-wise (I love coats, jackets and layers) I have to admit I'm liking what I'm seeing at the moment. I feel it's sort of split between the minimalist side of life and the 70's vibes. I lean more towards the minimalist tribe but I will give a few 70s inspired pieces a whirl, maybe. The lilac two piece is just amazing, and quite cheap too I thought. I could do with some weddings or christenings to go to pretty soon!

I've been eyeing up the Calvin Klein Izzy bag for some time, I actually saw a lovely CK tote bag in Tk Maxx the other day and I'm SO livid with myself that I forgot to go back and buy it. Why do I do these things?! Note to self: pick up and buy. 

So exciting news (for me), I finally booked a holiday! Wahoo! Me and Charlie are going on an American adventure at the end of summer, we're going to Miami and Florida and I can't wait. I went to Florida when I was about 10 so I don't remember much but I know it was insanely fun. I'm buzzing to go to Harry Potter world, ugh so much to do! I can't wait for the little road trip from Miami to Flordia too, I've always wanted to drive around America so I'll get a little taster. Anyway that means holiday shopping can commence and I've got my eye on those Topshop sandals for starters!

p.s didn't realise this was such as Topshop fest, soz!

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Lifestyle: My Education & Career Journey Part 2 - Fashion Interning

If you've read part 1 you'll know a little bit about my education experience which has led me up until this point as a final year fashion marketer. During my years of university I endeavoured to make my summers and spare time as productive as possible by interning. I thought I'd pop a little bit about each experience below which might be interesting to some of you other there interested in interning or thinking about studying fashion. 

Lyle & Scott: Digital Marketing Intern

I came across an internship for Lyle & Scott via Twitter and had a peek at the job spec. It was aimed at graduates looking to boost their CV, so as a part time retail worker, awaiting university I didn't think I had a chance but applied anyway as you never know right? The digital content manager was so impressed with my blog and drive that I was offered the internship, like I say, I owe a lot to blogging! It gave me a taster of what working in a head office is all about, as well as introducing me to the world of digital marketing. There's a lot more than whats in those uni text books I'll tell ya! 

Mod Dolly: Fashion Intern

Having almost successfully completed my first year at university I was keen to get back in the interning game for summer. I again found another internship via Twitter for Mod Dolly, applied and gained a position as fashion intern. I couldn't have enjoyed my time more, I learnt so much from the lovely owner Amy and I barely felt like I was working as I was doing something I loved. It was a very creative experience and I assisted on shoots, made content for online, blogged and much more. 

Oh My Love: PR & Social Media Intern

After I finished my time at Mod Dolly I began as a PR intern for Oh My Love. It was a massive learning experience for me, the company is fast paced but fun too. I felt in my element creating content for the blog, assisting on shoots, handling blogger outreach, social media and working alongside the fab PR manager to create campaigns. My initial one month internship ending up becoming four months and I was really sad to have to return to university. I've since been back with the company handling the social media whilst the team were away in Ibiza.

Dune: PR Intern

It was my previous internships that gave me the confidence to apply for a press office internship for a global company. I interned in the Dune press office initially for one month, handling call ins, liaising with journalists, collating press coverage and all the other PR duties. I was asked back for a further period to cover a staff shortage, and was trusted with responsibilities such as creating imagery for emails, and compiling a trend report. I also helped out with seasonal press days which was a really fun experience, and the amount of times I had to stride down in Oxford Street with bags of samples = devil wears prada moment haha but it was all fun! I realised I really enjoyed working in PR, which led me to my next internship.

Karen Millen: PR Intern

As I was coming towards the end of my second year summer I decided to squeeze one more internship in. I found this internship via Fashion Workie and started around a week later. My duties were very similar to those of the Dune press office. I was lucky to work with someone of a similar age who I got on with really well which made the experience enjoyable. Though the massive building I worked in with other brands (Oasis etc) on different floors was quite intimidating! It definitely felt like the real adult world haha!

So there we go, a little insight into my interning experiences. I've been extremely lucky to have gained these experiences but also not having any negative experiences. Each one was an enjoyable experience and I learnt SO much more than I ever could have from books and literature reviews. Although they've been costly, as a lot of my intern allowances didn't cover my £500 per month travel card (daylight robbery), it was all worth it. Instead of seeing it as 'working for free' I saw it as free training! Be sure to check out UK Fashion Intern & Fashion Workie for internship listings!

In February I managed to gain my graduate job as a digital marketing co-ordinator, prior to graduating. It's been a busy two months of completing assignments, my dissertation and exams whilst beginning this job AND blogging but I have a tendency to overwork myself so I've coped, and the end of university is finally in sight...

Any questions about interning? Leave a comment below or tweet me!


Wednesday, 8 April 2015


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On a ROLL with two posts in three days over here! I went for brunch in Cambridge, my first visit to Bills (omg the veggie brunch is so good) so a pretty casual outfit all round. I'm officially ditching the winter coats in favour of the duster jacket, good job I still like them as I bought about 56 last summer. Addictive personality helloo. I switched things up a bit today, went a bit crazy with some blue denim! I usually opt for the same old black skinnies but I'm seriously loving this pair from American Eagle and I even managed to squeeze my butt into an 8 (extremely rare occurrence) so I like them EVEN MORE. The length is also just perfect for me, something I find hard  to get in jeans, so a definite seal of approval from myself to American Eagle denim! 

Monday, 6 April 2015

Outfit: Repertoire Fashion


I hope everyone has had a great Easter weekend? I've had such a lovely four days off, involving plenty of shopping, eating and netflix watching. I've been sucked right back into 24, I know I'm a decade behind everyone else but I am loving it! Also SO into the current series of The Following at the moment, who needs a social life when TV is this good hey. Lol.

This Barbour Broadstone jacket was the perfect answer to yesterdays slightly chillier and windier weather. The quality is fantastic, you really can't beat it. It's also currently on sale at the moment on Repertoire fashion with £100 off, bargain! I'm off to spend the rest of the day eating my way through copious amounts of Lindt chocolate and winding down. More from me soon!
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