Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Fashion: Top Snakeskin Picks

Back in March time when A/W was beginning to dwindle away to be replaced by lots of summer seventies style gear, I got really into snake print. I kept looking at pairs of snakeskin (faux obvs) boots but felt the time had passed as we were heading into spring. Had I of known we would have the worst summer ever I probably would have purchased a pair but hey. It seems they're back in the fashion game, as I've seen even more pairs floating about. 

I've rounded up some of my favourites, there are so many amazing pairs I'm struggling to choose!

Which pair are your favourites? I think I'm edging towards either the Kurt Geiger's or the deep green Toppers style. Gimme all the winter boots!

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Lifestyle: Eating Out In Cambridge

A completely different post to the usual today, in fact this is a first! I took my hand to a bit of food blogging this week courtesy of Travelodge Cambridge. I was challenged to eat out for lunch and dinner, with a budget of £50. A challenge which involves me eating? Count me in.

Initially this did sound quite hard, Cambridge can be a bit pricey but I was up for it, so I got my thinking cap on. I didn't want to include any chain restaurants, I wanted to feature eateries that were one-offs to my local city.
butchanniesFor lunch I chose burger joint Butch Annies, this was actually the first time I had eaten here as it's fairly new, plus I couldn't get a table the first time I tried to eat here a while back. I was excited to give it a try...
butchannies2 The menu is small but does the job. Sometimes I find large menus overwhelming, this one was simple and to the point. There are around five different burgers, each of which can be swapped with a veggy patty to make it vegetarian friendly, yay! So I ordered the 'classic' which was your usual burger toppings.
butchannies3 The burgers came wrapped up like this, I actually thought this was pretty cool. There are no plates or cutlery here people. Now this is a strong statement but the veggie burger was probably one of the BEST I've ever had! The fries were also amazing, I ordered mine with rosemary salt and they were beaut. For two veggie burgers, two portions of fries and two drinks the bill came in at just under £25.

travelodge3 The next challenge was finding somewhere for dinner with £25 for two people! I decided to head to a new favourite of mine, a family run Italian restaurant, La Margherita. It's positioned just up the road from the city's central punting area.
travelodge5 They do a great deal from 5-7pm on weekdays where you can have two courses for £10. Charlie took advantage of this and had soup of the day for a starter followed by a pizza. I decided to opt out of a starter as I can never eat my main otherwise, so I went for the classic margherita!
travelodge2 For our two mains, a starter and couple of rounds of drinks our bill came to around £24! If you're looking for great food and value for money in Cambridge I would definitely recommend La Margherita!
travelodge1 So my overall bill came in with one pound to spare! Not bad for two meals in the city, thanks for the challenge Travelodge!

Sunday, 30 August 2015

Outfit: Missguided Suede Blazer & 70s Tee

missguidedsuedeblazer2 missguidedsuedeblazer3 missguided70sstyletop missguidedsuedeblazer4 adidasstansmithzebra missguidedsuedeblazer

No, your eyes do not deceive you, there is a phenomenal amount of colour in this outfit. My outfits are mostly a mixture of black, grey, white with the odd bit of blue denim thrown in there, and khaki if I'm feeling daring but today is a whole new level. It's not that I dislike colour I just feel way more comfortable with a muted, neutral colour palette. I spotted this Missguided blazer in the week and it was just what I've been looking for, albeit a little brighter. I thought why not and just went all out and teamed it with a colourful stripe top. Steady on I know.

I quite enjoyed the mix up though, it was nice to wear something a bit different to the norm even if I did feel extremely bright. Both items were super cheap from Missguided, the top I particularly love and I'm hoping they might bring out some different colour ways like grey and black ha. 

So clothing aside, it's bank holiday which makes me extremely happy! So far I've done the usual shop  and eat. I turned my hand to a bit of food blogging so catch that this week! It might be handy if you're planning on visiting Cambridge at any point. Anyway I'm off to enjoy Sunday evening knowing that I have a lie-in tomorrow!

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Lifestyle: Why I Love HomeSense

It's no surprise I'm a big HomeSense fan. I regularly feature them on here as I find endless gems to share with you all! My local HomeSense in Cambridge really is a treasure trove, I usually visit once a fortnight and never leave empty handed, how could I - they have a whole section just for candles. Swoon. If you happen to be wondering into a HS anytime soon then I recommend the Vila Hermanos candles, they're gorgeous! Whenever I see them in there I buy about 5, no joke, I have over 10 in my house currently. Gotta keep stocks haven't you.
homesense3 homesense4
Aside from the amazing collection of candles, notebooks and pretty coffee table books, I also find a lot of useful storage items there. I have a lot of 'things' which seem to just spread around the house, mostly as I just leave everything lying around, but yes lots of stuff. I recently picked up this gorgeous wooden 'Smith Foundries' crate which I love! It's definitely my style and I use it to pile up blankets, instead of leaving them lying around the sofa. 
A little while back I also picked up these gorgeous copper wire baskets. As you can see, I use the larger one for my clutch bags, because aren't they just the hardest thing to store? Where do you put them? In a drawer, or in a wardrobe? Anyway I thought a basket would be a good idea, and the little one I use for my nail polish. 
I'm going to be making another HomeSense visit this bank holiday weekend so I shall update with any new purchases! It really is a moochers dream, so if your stuck for BH plans, why not take yourself to your nearest HomeSense? Although your bank balance might be in danger. Soz.
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