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Tilly-Jayne Kidman, Cambridge based style & travel blogger. By day I do all things digital marketing and by night I write this blog as well as contributing to other publications. You can also find a few tips and posts on veganism among my usual style & travel features!

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Sunday, 19 February 2017

I'm On YouTube!

Hello to the world of YouTube!

I finally bit the bullet and created my own YouTube channel. This is something that has been on my agenda since, hmm, let me think - around 2013! I even filmed a haul back then but I was too nervous to share it and that's about as far as I got. It has always been in the back of my mind but there was always an excuse. No time, not sure how to do it, not having the equipment, will everyone hate me, and so on...

Having got much more into YouTube recently it felt like the right time to give it a go myself. I especially wanted to get to grips with vlogging and creating videos before our big US road trip this summer as that will definitely be a fun adventure to document!

So I have no strict plans as to when or what I'll be uploading but it will definitely be a mix of travel, lifestyle, vegan and fashion related content. I actually had the best time filming with Charlie when we were in Paris and it's nice to have the footage to keep as a memory.

So here we have it, my first YouTube video! I'd be ever so grateful if you'd give it a watch and maybe even subscribe as to keep up to date with my next instalment. Be sure to leave a link to your channel in my comments either on here or YouTube and I'll return the favour.

Here's to new beginnings.....

Oh and a BIG thank you to Sophie who has been super lovely in answering all of my beginner questions haha - check out her channel here

p.s hope I'm not too annoying ;)

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Sunday, 12 February 2017

Postcards From Paris Part One

Oh hey! Sorry things were a little quiet around here last week, I was a little in over my head with work work work. As you'll know if you follow me on Instagram, I spent a few days in Paris last week and despite the downpours and bitter chill in the air, had the BEST time. Is it possible to be moody in Paris? Never! Now we took a lot and I mean A LOT of pics in Paris so expect to be inundated over here. How could I help it when every street corner was so photogenic? 

Alongside a few blog photos you may see my YouTube debut soon as Charlie and I also got to grips with vlogging. I wasn't sure how I would feel about it but we actually really enjoyed it and it will be great to have the footage for future memories and all that. ANYWAY back to blogging.

The Arc De Triomphe
Paris streets

We spent a lot of time wandering the streets without a plan in place, which is rather unlike me. I'm usually a militant (and probably fairly annoying) traveller. I'll have a list of restaurants, sights & destinations alongside a strict itinerary. This time was different. The lead up to Paris had me fairly exhausted from work and freelancing so much so that I had barely planned. Quelle horreur! I felt a little nervous at my lack of organisation but it was totally refreshing just playing the weekend by ear and floating from here to there.

No lists and no pre-8am wakeup call, just lie-ins, late breakfasts and plenty of exploring. Of course, I did a fair amount of Googling along the way to seek out vegan friendly eateries but other than that we  would hop on a metro and simply discover somewhere new. On that note, the metro was surprisingly easy to navigate and so much cheaper than jumping in cabs everywhere. I think it worked out at about 3.80 euros between us per trip so not bad, not bad at all!

Paris Signs The Louvre Outfit Louvre Selfie

Of course we had to tick off the typical tourist destinations, including the Louvre, Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe. Unfortunately there was a 3 1/2 hour wait to enter the Louvre! I think security must have been extra tight due to a terrorist incident which occurred the morning of our arrival. As our hours were limited in the city we decided not to wait, but we did have a walk around and appreciated the glass pyramids, oh and took 1560 selfies of course.

the louvre paris statue Paris streets 2

I could have spent days just wandering all of the Parisian streets, the vibes were so chilled and I just love the sheer amount of bistros and bars on every corner. Although I will say that we both spent SO much money, even stopping off for a couple of drinks would leave us at least 30 euros down but Paris is an expensive city so it was to be expected!

One thing I noticed was that their culture seems to be so much more social than us here in the UK. Everywhere we turned there were groups of friends and families enjoying a few drinks, even in the damp weather where we would  probably pass on social opportunities in favour of Netflix! It did inspire me to spend less time in my house and more time socialising but you know, we'll see if that happens because right now I have three episodes of Homeland I'm dying to catch up on.

Paris Flowers charlie in paris

Our first couple of days in Paris were truly magical, albeit a little wet! We're just unlucky like that and we now have a running joke that wherever Charlie goes the rain will follow. As we took a tonne of pics I will share the rest with you in a second post - including the Eiffel Tower and Palais Royale, yes the home of the good old monochrome plinths aka the blogger DREAM.

Stayed tuned for part two!
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Thursday, 2 February 2017

Help I'm Having A Quarter Life Crisis

Next month I turn 25. Twenty five years of age. A quarter of a century. The wrong side of my twenties. Sailing towards 30. Fuck!

Perhaps to some of you this won't seem so bad (espesh if you're over 25 and think I'm being a big old drama queen, guilty) but I'm feeling overwhelmed. I can't get my head around hitting this milestone. A milestone to me, anyway. I'm not sure what happened but it seems like 2 seconds ago I was giggling at the back of a particularly boring business ethics class with my college pals, and now? I'm a real adult. Although I don't feel like an adult, I feel like a youth who's been flung into the rat race of adult life. An imposter. I still feel young, down with the kids that is until I walk into Topshop.

Why, and how do I already feel too old for Topshop? 

I know that realistically I'm not, but the gaggles of 13 year old girls make me feel like a certified OAP. Put the Kendall & Kylie collection down Tilly, you're too old for this shit - Edinburgh Woollen Mill is just up the road and on the left. Lols. 

rotary watch edit Rotary les originales watch 1 I think for me, turning 25 is also about the pressure to be ticking boxes. 24 and no plans for a home ownership, marriage and babies? No problem! You relax, enjoy life and take it easy girl. Hit 25? So, when are you guys gonna get engaged? Do you want kids? No, no I don't. I much prefer dogs and if I'm being brutally honest I don't even find babies cute. SUE ME.

I won't be rushing to tick any of these wildly crazy grown-up plans off the list any time soon but it has got me thinking about what I DO want to do in life. If the past 7 years are anything to go by it's made me realise that your time on this earth is precious and you have to make the most of it - hence why we booked a spontaneous month trip to California for this summer. This was when my quarter life crisis first came into play and I suddenly felt the urge to be a bit cray. Give it a few months and I'll be taking blog pics next to my Harley Davidson.

It's ok not to want the typical 'grown up' agenda, so what if that isn't my path? I'm creating one I'm much more comfortable with, and that's one with minimal commitment. I've learnt recently just how much I value my freedom. I think your 20's are a time to be selfish, to do you and make the most of life and freedom. Whether that be a year of travels or a spontaneous trip to Paris.
rotary les originales watch close rotary watch 4

rotary watch 3 asos slip ons So I guess I really need to the chill the f out and stop comparing my life to others. Stop wondering how the girl 2 years younger than you has just bought a 3 bedroom semi-detached house in a nice part of town. Stop wondering whether I should be having kids because that's what everyone seems to be doing (don't worry that thought lasted for 0.004 seconds as I swiftly remembered I'm not child friendly) and stop wondering if what I'm doing in life is 'right'.

As right now I'm rolling with it. Winging this so called adult life. 2017 is set to be a pretty special year in terms of my plans so I'm gonna try my best to forget about the numbers and stop being such a drama queen. Or you know, at least try anyway...

rotary watch 2

Have you guys ever freaked out about turning a certain age?

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Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Edinburgh Vegan Eats

As y'all know in December I hopped on the train up to Edinburgh for a long weekend away. You can find my hotel review HERE and my weekend post HERE but now for the good stuff. One of the main attractions about Edinburgh for me was the banging vegan food scene. I'd heard rave reviews and read plenty of blog posts all about the hoards of choice and it was anything but salad! There seems to be this misunderating that vegans live off leaves NAHUH not me, pass me dem nachos.

Here are my top vegan joints in Edinburgh! We didn't quite get round all the restaurants I had on my list but these are a good starting point. 

Paradise Palms 

We'd just dropped off our luggage and I was already entering Paradise Palms into my Google maps as I was so excited to eat here! It turned out to be the other side of the city but it was only around a half hour walk from George Street. Oh man, it did not disappoint. The interiors are so quirky and the food is to.die.for. Charlie and I shared a portion of the vegan nachos, I had a hot dog and Charlie opted for Mac & Cheese (veggie not vegan). I can't even deal with looking at these photos, LET ME RE-LIVE IT ALL.

PC153600 Paradise Palms Edinburgh Nachos
The Caffeine Drip

For breakfast we headed to a little South African cafe that was just around the corner from our hotel called The Caffeine Drip. The entrance is fairly small and can be easily missed but it's a definite go-to for both vegans and veggies. Whilst the menu isn't strictly meat-free it does have a fantastic range for plant types. I was so torn as to what to order but opted for the vegan french toast. Was it amazing? Yes it freakin' was. Made with a chickpea scramble and a side of maple syrup it was all of my breakfast dreams come true.

PC163657 the caffeine drip edinburgh Hula Cafe 

Whilst we didn't get time to stop and eat at Hula they do an amazing range of juices which as a juice bar you would probably expect. Worth a shoutout though as they did have what looked like some delicious vegan food on offer!
Nova Pizza

I love pizza. I've always loved pizza so when I went vegan it was imperative that it remained in my life. Whilst Pizzi do an incredible vegan pizza with dairy-free choose, I was yet to try and other restaurant alternatives. Nova pizza is a veggie Italian restaurant and have a WHOLE VEGAN MENU full to the brim with pizzas, pastas and sides. It was overwhelming but amazing. I opted for pizza (duh) and it was all kinds of heaven.

OH and excuse my bedraggled look here - this was taken after 10 hours of solid walking and exploring.

nova pizza nova pizza ediburgh
The Auld Hoose

Now this post wouldn't be complete without mentioning these BEASTLY nachos. Wow just wow and this isn't even the 'large' size. The Auld Hoose is a little out of the centre but so worth the walk as we couldn't have enjoyed our visit more. The atmosphere is so relaxed, we kicked back with a few diet cokes (wild I know) and enjoyed this mountain of deliciousness. I was actually pretty gutted that I was too full to enjoy any of the other vegan options on the menu (there were tonnes) but hey maybe that warrants a trip back?!

One place we didn't get to go which was on my list was Hendersons so I'll definitely have to go there next time as I've heard rave reviews! Too much food too little time. 

 Have you ever been to Edinburgh before? Are my nachos tempting you to take a trip?
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