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Cambridge based style, life & travel blogger. I work in marketing and I also write for various online publications. I'm a vegan. You can find a few tips and posts on veganism among my usual style & travel features!

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Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Interiors | Autumn Home Updates

Aside from fashion and bunny rabbits one of my big loves in life is interior design. I could scroll through Pinterest for hours, I just looooove home inspiration and trends. Although I love travelling, at heart I'll always be a home bird! An afternoon snuggled up on the sofa with Netflix and snacks is one of my favourite ways to pass the time so it's important to have a comfy yet stylish abode, in my eyes anyway!

This month I've collaborated with Ocean Loans* to give my living room a few little updates. I've been really into pink at the moment so I wanted to bring that in with a few touches...

I picked up these gorgeous velvet cushions from H&M, I've had a bit of a thing for velvet recently and as soon as I spotted them, I knew they would be just perfect! This is actually a new sofa, and it's from the French Connection range via DFS. I love the French Connection homeware and this 'Zinc' sofa ticked all of the boxes in terms of style and quality.
home accessories 3 French Connection Zinc Sofa 3 I also picked up a few new accessories including the marble planter which I thought was quite appropriate with Halloween looming! Around 2-3 years ago I scoured the internet desperately trying to find a skull planter just like this to home one of my cacti but they all seemed to come from Australia. Lo and behold 3 years later I find the skull of my dreams in HomeSense. Patience is a virtue!
suitcase magazine home accessories 2 French Connection Zinc Sofa 2 I always opt for minimal vibes when it comes to home interiors but I quite like how the added pink adds a touch of colour and draws the overall look together. home accessories French Connection Zion Sofa 4
I hope you've enjoyed a little peep into my lounge, and if you'd like to know where anything specific is from just leave me a comment and I'll be sure to let you know!

*post in collaboration with Ocean Loans
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Sunday, 25 September 2016

Style | Embroidery For A/W

So unless you've been living under a rock you'll be more than aware that embroidery is BIG news this season. Embroidered boots, bags, jackets and pretty much anything else you can whack a few patches onto.

Initially I wasn't too sure on this trend, mainly because my style is quite minimal and I rarely branch out into too much colour let alone FLORALS. But I fancied switching it up and wanted to have a little delve into all things embroidery and that's where this little New Look number comes in...
A subtle nod to the trend, this has just enough florals for me without being too cutesy, and of course the fact that it's denim and black helped to maintain my usual go-to style.

New look embroidered denim jacket 1 New look embroidered denim jacket 5 The inner of the jacket is faux sheepskin lined and SO DAMN SNUGGLY. Perfect for these colder months, although what's with it still being 22 degrees? It's September, come on, I have new coats and knits to wear.

Oh and can we talk about this bag from Forever21? Best £20 I've ever spent.  New look embroidered denim jacket 3New look embroidered denim jacket 2

New Look Embroidered Denim Jacket / Vintage Jack Daniels Tee (stole from Charlie linked to similar) / H&M Trousers / ASOS Slip Ons / Forever21 Bag
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Thursday, 22 September 2016

Life | I'm Going To America!

I can barely contain my excitement typing this because I JUST BOOKED MY DREAM TRIP TO THE STATES.

For many many years I've dreamt of  heading to the US for the trip of a lifetime. Ever since the days of The OC I've lusted after California and it's something I've never really let go of.

I toyed with the idea of solo trip, and researched TrekAmerica but ultimately I just don't think I'm cut out for solo travel, maybe a short trip but certainly not a month! Thankfully my boyfriend Charlie has a keen explorer within him too and we finally bit the bullet and booked our dream trip.

So next year we'll be flying out to San Fransisco and spending our first few nights exploring the city, and I can't WAIT to visit Alcatraz. I have this weird obsession with prisons but yeh that's enough of that.

After a few nights in San Fransisco we'll be picking up our camper van (which is more like a 4x4 with a table and bench that turns into a bed) and heading down the Californian coast. Santa Cruz, Big Sur, Monterey, Pismo beach and Santa Barbara are all among our list of stops (oh and Newport Beach OBVS) until we hit Los Angeles.

L FREAKING A! I cannot WAIT although I'm slightly terrified of driving around here but I'm sure we'll cope. And by we I mean Charlie.

After a few nights in LA we'll be back on the road heading across to Arizona then up to VEGAS BABY, Death Valley, Yosemite Park and a few other stops which we're in the midst of planning before heading back to San Fransisco. 

We'll be there for a month in total so there's plenty of time for spontaneous stops, exploring and generally just living my own little dream. 

If you have ANY recommendations in terms of things to do, where to stay for any of my stops then please please leave a comment or tweet me! 

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Saturday, 17 September 2016

Life | Where Does The Time Go?

So people in my year at school have started turning 25. And it's really scary.

I was having a Facebook scroll, as you do, and caught a glimpse of 'Happy 25th Birthday' but wait what he's my age? 25? Oh shit.

I'm 25 next Birthday and I'm not ok with it. I know it sounds trivial, and to the 25 and overs reading this - sorry for my whinging. It marks the end of an era for me, my early twenties. Not that much will change, I'm hardly a wild early twenty something (clinging on to early until that clock strikes midnight on my birthday) it just makes adulthood all that more real.
And it's not that I don't enjoy life as it is, I suppose I just feel the urge to tick more off my 'to do in life list' as time goes pretty damn quick, apparently. Yes aware I'm being dramatic but 30 seems not so far away anymore and I'm almost certain I should still be 19.

You also have the endless 'when are going to get engaged' and my favourite 'when are you going to buy a house' hahaha cute. I think Chloe summed it up perfectly in her post, so go have a lil look at that. Do people know how expensive existing is?! The idea of a mortgage terrifies me slightly, as does marriage, as does kids. JUST LET ME BE YOUNG. 

So for now I'll just be doing my thing, exploring as much of the world as possible and *trying* not to freak out about turning 25. Age is just a number and all that, right?
Newgate Watches 1 So whilst we're on the topic of time (smooth) I wanted to show you this little beaut of a watch from British brand Newgate watches. Isn't it fancy? There appears to be an abundance of new watch brands flooding the market at the moment, but I think Newgate really stands out from these. The designs are quirkier and offer something a little different to the rest. The quality is premium, and the watches really are a statement piece. Christmas is coming guys...(sorry I'm one of those KEEN Christmas peoples). Shop the above Blip watch here.

*The featured Newgate watch was kindly gifted to me for review, but opinions are mine all mine!

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