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Saturday, 30 April 2016

Style: Lavish Alice Stripes


Lavish Alice Top via JOY / Whistles Coat (old) / New Look Jeans / H&M Trainers / Sandro Bag / ASOS Sunglasses 

Soz for the pic overload, I'm finally back to outfit blogging and got a bit over excited...

After a mini hiatus I'm back to the outfits, hoorah! These are my fave posts, I think. I do like to take snaps of homeware and interior bits but at the end of the day outfit blogging is what I started this blog on so I do enjoy it. 

My past few weekends have been spent rescuing another bunny (her name is Mimi and you can find her over on my Instagram) and trying to bond her with my bunny, Arthur. I don't know if you've ever bonded two single bunnies before but BOY is it stressful. A few sleepless nights later and they're the best of friends. Husbun and wife. 

So back to the schedule, I'm slightly obsessed with this top from Joy, how gorgeous are the colours? I felt so elegant floating around in this off-shoulder style, right until the point where I went to Nandos and spilt ketchup all over myself. Lol so elegant. 

I can't believe I had to wear a coat in ALMOST MAY. What is this madness? I have way too many floaty Zara tops I've spontaneously purchased for this shit. I need summer already. 
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Monday, 25 April 2016

Beauty: The Cohorted April Box

cohorted april box 2 cohorted april box 4 cohorted april box 3 cohorted april box 1
You may remember that I previously reviewed the Cohorted March Box, but if you didn't catch it - then a little recap. I've never subscribed or brought into beauty boxes before. Mainly as there's just so many and I never know if they're worth it.

Well I've definitely fallen for the Cohorted box, both boxes have seriously impressed me and I can definitely understand the hype now! This months box included a full size perfume from The Body Shop, a Mac lip pencil, Gold Elements nail care kit, Miss Patisserie Bath Melt and MDM Flow lipstick. Overall the box value equals £93 which isn't bad when you consider it retails at £35 including delivery. 

The only downside with beauty boxes is you can't control the colour you might receive of a certain lipstick or eyeshadow etc, but in a way that's half the fun as you can try something a little different to your usual! 

So far, the perfume definitely gets a big thumbs up from me as I love that musky scent and it's actually quite light and fresh, perfect for spring/summer. The nail care kit is also great, the buffing block has really improved the look of my nails (they're so shiny and smooth now!) and a hand cream is always welcome in my beauty stash as I go through them so quickly!

I love the packaging of the MDM flow lipstick, although the shade is quite a shocking pink so I'm not sure I'll wear it myself but hey it will look cute on my desk! 

Overall I can see myself making use of all the products from box one and two (perhaps except from the lippy) but just one product out of two boxes is pretty good going in my eyes.

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Friday, 22 April 2016

Lifestyle: 5 Tips for Regaining Lost Inspiration


I've been a bit uninspired as of late.

I don't know if its because I'm generally quite busy in other aspects of my life or I 'm having a bit of a blogging slump but for the past few weeks my inspiration has fallen flat.

I think easing the pressure of needing to blog and taking a step back to reignite my inspiration has helped massively. I spent some time over last weekend having a think about my blog, sourcing fresh inspiration and finding new motivation.

If you're feeling a little uninspired too, here's a few tips that might just help ya.

1. Create A Productive Working Space

For me, the environment that I'm in massively reflects my mood, thoughts and productivity. By creating a clean and tidy desk space, I can feel ten times more motivated! I had a little play around with my downstairs table and stacked a few of my favourite mags alongside a plant (as these are said to help uplift your mood) and it made me feel so much better than my usual messy desk situ!

2. Head To Pinterest

It might sound simile but Pinterest is a great resource that I sometimes just forget about. A few pages of scrolling and I already had inspiration for new outfits, interior ideas and blog posts.

3. Flick Through Your Fave Reads

As I've started introducing more travel features onto this blog (and with some exciting trips coming up) I decided to have a read through my favourite issues of Suitcase magazine. This mag always helps me to feel determined to achieve my goals and travel as much of the world as possible!

4. Read Other Blogs

Alongside blogging I also work 40 hours a week as a marketing exec, so finding spare time can be tricky! I tend to focus so much on getting emails sent, writing up my own blog posts, taking images, updating Instagram and so on, that sometimes I forget to read my favourite blogs! Setting aside a few hours to catch up on my faves definitely helped reignite my passion and eagerness for blogging.

5. Take Time Off

Sometimes a step back is just what you need. Taking the pressure off and re-evaluating your thoughts and goals can actually be so much more worthwhile than you think. So you may have a few less blog posts this month, it's not the end of the world and you can come back with even more ideas and content the next!

Do you have any tips for seeking inspiration, or regaining lost motivation?

p.s La Redoute homeware = all the heart eyes.
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Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Style: Off The Shoulder Edit

Unless you've been living under a very unfashionable rock, you'll be more than aware that bardot style off-the-shoulder tops are big news this summer. Swarming the high streets with cute and flirty frills, and plenty of sass. I bought a few off shoulder styles from Zara towards the end of last summer, so I'm glad to see they've made a comeback for SS16.

I've already picked up a few different styles over the past few weeks, as I think they'll be perfect for both my upcoming city break and beach holiday. I actually rediscovered Boohoo on my search for the perfect shoulderless styles. They have some really cute tops, and I ended making a slightly larger than planned order. I usually avoid cheaper retailers as I'm on my quest for quality over quantity but I couldn't resist a little holiday shop.

I popped together a few of my favourite styles to get your mitts on for the upcoming warmer temperatures (well, fingers crossed). 

Which is your favourite?
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