Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Outfit: Feeling Snaky

mgsnake1 mgsnake3 IMG_8005 mgsnake7 mgsnake5

It was such a miserable drizzly day when I took these, roll on a little bit of sunshine hey?! I've been continuing to wear my hair in a messy non-straightened style (if you can call it that), mainly because I've been ridiculously busy of late but it's good to give my hair a break from the heat! A pretty standard outfit really, I'm loving snakeprint at the moment so I've dug out some of snaky pieces I own including these shoes. I really love snakeskin (faux, obvs) boots but I'm not sure if they'd suit me or not, I might try and hunt down an ankle style. Loving my new necklace from Adorning Ava, it's such a simple piece but unique to anything I own or have seen on my shopping travels!


Monday, 2 March 2015


BOOHOOMINIMALMONDAY4 jewelstreet BOOHOOMM2 boohoominimalmonday6 boohoomm1

Hello! Today I'm talking minimal Monday, or for me, every day of the week! When Boohoo contacted me regarding their new #minimalmonday concept - (a play on the original #musicmonday hashtag) it was a perfect match. My style is fairly minimal, I've always gravitated towards greys and pieces that are generally quite understated. I've been after the perfect black coat for ages, and I've definitely found it in this wrap style from Boohoo. It's a 'one size' piece which always concerns me slightly, however for me it was a perfect fit, I'm a size 10 just FYI! Teamed with another simple basic but a staple in any wardrobe, a grey knit. I love the style of this one in particular, it's an asymmetric cut and I'll be featuring it again in my next post so you can get a better view of the style!

Continuing with the minimal theme is my gorgeous necklace from Jewel Street. I'm not one for bright garish jewels or anything too big and bulky so this dainty little dream is just right for me. Jewel Street is sort of like the asos for the jewellery world, they have tonnes of amazing designers that you might not have heard of before, it's a little treasure trove! 


Sunday, 1 March 2015

Lifestyle: Flamingo Gifts Candle & Retro Style 302 Phone

If you're a regular reader of this blog you'll know whilst fashion is my foremost interest obsession, interiors and home decor is another big love of mine. I must re-arrange my desk and shelves at least five times a week, as not only do I get bored but I buy a lot of knick knacks and candles etc. Anyway, I'm delighted to feature some gorgeous new additions from Flamingo Gifts into the mix...
Can we all take a moment to appreciate this retro style black matte DREAM PHONE (does anyone remember those 'dream phones' from the 90s? Ha!). Making all regular house phones look like ugly monstrosities, it's a match made in heaven for my monochrome themed tastes. I don't get many calls to my landline but when I do I feel like a secretary from the 50's. I'm also demanding every now contact me via home phone instead of mobile. I'm bringing it back. Find the Flamingo black classic telephone HERE.
A nice close-up of my fancy non-ugly buttons.
To join my existing candle collection (I have them scattered errrwhere), a lovely vanilla and black pepper number in a very cute little jar with an even cute glittery flamingo. I actually don't want to burn this one as it's too pretty!!! At least I can re-use the adorable jar afterwards for something, I am undecided on what yet though. Check out the full Flamingo candle range HERE - white tea and mint is definitely one I want to give a whirl! 

Both items c/o Flamingo Gifts

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Outfit: Black Bomber Jacket & White Shirt

blackbomberjacket3 blackbomberjacket2 blackbomberjacket4 blackbomberjacket1 blackbomberjacket5

This is what I like to call my off-duty (windswept) waiter look. Ho ho ho. Nothing groundbreaking and nothing new really, just an outfit I wore to lunch. I've been wearing these Missguided trousers to death recently I think I should buy another pair as it's rare to find trousers that fit waist, bum and length wise! I've got a crazy busy week this week, lots of new things going on and a couple of life updates which I'll probably chat about in the next post but for now I'll leave you with my waiters uniform. Au revoir!
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