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I have always loved to travel as far as I remember. And fortunately, I had the opportunity to travel quite a lot. As a result, I have realised many things that might be useful to my fellow travellers.

In today’s blog, I will reveal traveling tips that I learned the hard way. However, you can get cues from my unique travel tips and ensure you don’t land up in the same situation.

So, here are my travel tips for 2022 to travel like a pro.

1. Always Pack Light

This is a common tip that most travellers recommend. However, I didn’t heed their advice and always ended up with a heavy bag. Needless to say, dragging around heavy luggage is not the best way to have a fun trip.

As a result, I have learnt to pack light to reduce my burden. The first step to packing light is to use a small rucksack or backpack. Next, take half of the clothes that you originally intended to carry with you.

A light bag not only saves you effort but also your fares while flying.

2. Carry Enough Undergarments, Though 

It is a great idea to pack light. However, ensure you carry enough undergarments and socks.

The reason is that you may not get the opportunity to do laundry at every location. Additionally, not everyone wants to wash their clothes while travelling.

So, pack one or two extra pairs of socks and your necessary undergarments.

3. Use Public Transport

One of the best ways to save money while travelling is to use public transport. The UK has wonderful connectivity with the rest of Europe via buses, trains, and flights.

Therefore, you can save significantly by choosing to travel with the public. Don’t hire a cab unless it is strictly necessary or you are caught in a downpour.

I have saved hundreds of pounds just by choosing to travel by public transport. Now, imagine how you would spend the extra money!

4. Download Your Series and Shows in Advance

I like to visit remote locations where there is nobody around to disturb my thoughts. Best of all, these remote locations are where I dived into a lot of retrospection and discovered many things about myself.

Unfortunately, such locations don’t always have the best connectivity. As a result, you have to look for WiFi in hotels and transit hubs to catch up on your favourite shows.

However, that’s not always possible, and you are stuck without entertainment. That’s why I always recommend downloading your series and shows in advance. In this way, you may even enjoy them when no internet connection is available.

Here are some of the top websites to download TV series and shows.

5. Be Cautious While Using Public WiFi

Staying safe while you travel is highly necessary. However, it is not enough just to protect yourself. You should also take steps to protect your devices and personal data.

This is a reason I always recommend adopting caution while using public WiFi. Hackers can get access to your device in various ways and steal your data.

One way to avoid this risk is to use a VPN or virtual private network. It creates a tunnel through which your information passes, making it unreadable to hackers.

In addition, you should secure your devices with a reliable antivirus.

6. Always Let Family or Friends Know Where You Are

This is a travel tip I want to stress. Always let someone know where you are or where you will be travelling next. This one small step can make a difference in life and death, or at least for your safety.

I always call home and let my family know of my plans. Sometimes, I also call my friends and let them know about my plan.

You should also do the same so that someone knows where to start looking if something happens.

7. Don’t Always Book Accommodation Online

I always book my flights or trains online. However, I don’t always do the same for booking hotels or accommodations. The reason is, that you often get better deals and lower prices at the location, especially if there aren’t many options.

In addition, I have found some apps to increase the prices of rooms when many people check the page simultaneously. They take this as a surge in demand and push up the prices for more profits.

Therefore, you may be able to save more and get better accommodations on the spot.

8. Opt for Travel Insurance

I have heard people recommend taking travel insurance but never gave it much thought. However, I realised why they gave that advice after one of my road trips to the US.

Healthcare is pretty expensive in the US. I once got ill and had to pay the fees for visiting a doctor out of my pockets.

Believe me; I won’t like to do that again! Therefore, I always go for travel insurance as you don’t know what can happen in a foreign country.

Additionally, you may consider insurance plans that cover COVID-19.

9. Have a Rough Budget

I have seen two kinds of people on my journeys. One kind spends all of their money on their travels and returns home with a zero bank balance.

On the other hand, I have seen people who budget their every move in order to save money.

Having a rough budget for your tour is essential. You should know how much you are ready to spend and on what.

However, don’t over budget or refrain from the urge to spend occasionally. It is okay to pamper yourself in a 5-star vegan restaurant one day of the week.

Final Thoughts

I hope my travel tips for 2022 are going to make a difference in your travels. Always tour safely and let someone know where you are. In addition, pack light and book your flights in advance for the best prices.


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