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boho bathroom

Designing a boho bathroom

The end of our renovation is in sight, and I have to say, I am so relieved that this is the case! It’s taken us two years, and we’ve pretty much torn the house apart and built it back up again. We’ve knocked down walls, extended, raised ceilings and basically started from scratch! It’s been a real journey.

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The bedrooms are now complete, our kitchen is being fitted as I type this and the bathroom is almost there! I love our bathroom, and I’m so glad I took a few risks to create a space I really can’t wait to spend time in. This room was really important to both Charlie and I, and we said from the start that we want to create a bathroom that mirrors something you’d expect to find in a boutique hotel.

My theme, as with the rest of the house is a boho vibe, I think that’s the only way I can really describe it! Inspired by our favourite hotel in Ibiza, and with an eco vibe in mind.

Our boho bathroom so far

I knew I wanted the majority of the bathroom to be tiled for that luxury feel. The scintilla tiles we picked up from Walls & Floors are super popular now, with more colours available then when we bought them a little over a year ago.

To be honest, I wasn’t sure if I had made the right decision tiling both the walls and floors in this star pattern – will it be too loud? Well, I’m really glad I trusted my instinct and went with it because I actually love it! It’s the crazy room of the house, and I think it works.

Let’s start with a couple of before photos (have a little swipe) – apologies in advance, and this isn’t even the worst of the bunch by far.

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Day one of the renovation – March 2018 😱🀒 the house doesn’t look like this now BUT I thought I’d roll it back to completion day. Starting a renovation account has been on my to-do list since we got the keys but the journey (alongside everything else going on in life) has been stressful and documenting it has been the least of my worries πŸ™ˆ but I get asked a lot how it’s going, which is lovely so I’m going to be updating this account with everything renovation! This is how the house looked on completion day. Yep! We were left with all of the previous owners mess, belongings and around 7 cats. Stressful to say the least, and yes I was definitely questioning why we got ourselves into this but we never do anything the easy way. Thankfully the estate agents were super helpful and managed to arrange for the owner to pay for a team to come in and clear the house. Getting the keys to my first house only to find human poop on the floor wasn’t quite the way I imagined it would go 😬😝 p.s don’t worry we arranged for the cats to be collected by a charity and they got rehomed 🐱

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And now it’s looking a little…fresher! Excuse the lack of bath panel…it’s a work in progress.


I spent hours searching on different bath stores online, and wasn’t satisfied with any of the options out there, so decided to create something a little different. I went for a bespoke sink unit in reclaimed wood which I’m over the moon with! I love pieces that are unique and different to what you find in your typical high street stores. The sink was another great buy and I’m thrilled with how its all come together.

Top tips for creating a boho bathroom

My first step in designing the bathroom was to pick a colour scheme, I’ve gone pretty neutral throughout the house and sticking with earth tones. I wanted to make the bathroom like a mini rainforest. I chose green as the obvious accent colour to blend nicely with all of the plants that will soon be taking up floor space.

To tie in with the theme of plants, life and greenery, I wanted to stick to natural materials where possible. The bamboo towel ladder fits in perfectly with this. Again, with the bathroom linen I wanted to stick with a neutral and ‘natural’ theme, and these H&M designs were exactly what I had in mind!

The final jobs left in this room is to have a bath panel made and tiled, fit the shower screen and add a few lovely plants. I’ll of course update with some final pics, so keep an eye on our Instagram account for those!

Here’s some boho inspired items for the bathroom that I LOVE – including my own towels that I picked up from H&M…


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