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In collaboration with Skyline Design 

Designing my dream boho garden!

You may have noticed via my Instagram that as of March 2018, I have been undergoing a large scale house renovation. When I say large scale, just take a look at the before pics here. We’ve been working hard to restore this two bedroom Victorian cottage back to the property it deserves to be, and after a hella journey (new roof, new ceilings, new everything) we have finally reached the point where we are choosing our flooring, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom furniture. It’s an exciting yet daunting process, as I find myself constantly doubting my choices. In some ways, it’s a lot harder to design a house from scratch as there are so many aspects you need to consider. It’s a full time job in itself!

Here’s our garden before the makeover begins…

So, with much of the groundwork in the house completed, I’m now beginning to start the process of designing our dream garden. Yippee!

With so much work needed inside the house, I have to admit that the garden space got totally overlooked and is currently resembling more of a jungle than a back garden. How DO you get rid of weeds?! Them pesky little amigos keep popping up everywhere. I’ve been gathering tonnes of inspiration via Pinterest and saving any gems I come across on my travels. I want to create a garden that is also a living space, I’m thinking cute courtyard vibes, comfortable outdoor seating and an area which we can use to relax and entertain over the summer months.

My overall vibe for the house is ‘Boho Scandi’ I’m not sure if this is an actual term, or whether I’ve just made it up but I want to mix those cool minimal Scandi vibes with a touch of Ibiza style boho. I’ve already spied some chairs that I adore from Skyline Design that are firmly at the top of my garden wishlist – these ones here! I want the area to be cosy yet chic with tonnes of candles, throws and twinkling fairy lights. If only we had better weather in the UK…


boho scandi garden inspo

I can’t wait to head to my local garden centre and start selecting plants for the outdoor space, I’ve been holding myself back for over a year and it’s an area of the house I’m really looking forward to making our own. We selected black bifold doors for our extension in order to create a seamless transition from inside to outside and that’s exactly what I want to achieve. But if you’re a bit worried about pesky little bugs entering your home, you can always install screen doors in addition to the bi-fold doors for extra protection! I want the garden to continue the theme of the house with boho accessories and a thoughtfully designed living space. I want it to become an area we can enjoy through spring and summer, eat dinner outside, relax, and entertain guests (by guests I mean my future dog and his friends obviously).

So far on my garden shopping list I have:

  • Rustic aged terracotta pots
  • Outdoor seating – a mix of chairs and one bench
  • Tassel detail throws
  • Outdoor candles and tealights
  • A hardwearing rug for the floor
  • Fairy lights
  • Solar powered lanterns

A few boho inspired garden items I absolutely LOVE:

At the bottom of the garden we also have a beautiful brick outbuilding which, you guessed it, needs renovating. The roof is leaking and the door is broken but I can’t wait to restore it into a beautiful feature. I’ve recently become obsessed with the idea of growing my own fruit and veggies, so I would love to turn this space into a growing room. I’m not sure where to start with this as a total newbie so all advice is welcome.

I’ll update you guys with some more house progress pics soon, the past couple of weeks have seen a lot of change and it’s definitely starting to look like less of a building site and more like a home. It’s been a long journey getting the foundations in place but I am so excited to finally be reaching the ‘go crazy and decorate’ stage.

What do you think to this kind of garden design, are you a fan of these Bohemian style snug areas? I’d love to hear your thoughts!



  • July 18, 2019

    I think this is such a nice theme for a garden, that cosy feel is the best!
    I can’t wait to see how it all turns out x

  • August 8, 2019

    Wow so beautiful! We’ve just had our garden landscaped so I’m on the hunt for the finishing touches and if my garden turns out anywhere near as lovely as yours I’ll be very happy!
    Kirsty |


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