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Visiting the UK on a Budget This Year

Whether you are visiting the UK for the first time this year or looking to explore your own surroundings; it can be costly. The United Kingdom has a high cost of living (especially in London), goods can be expensive and inflation can come back to bite you too, so visiting on a budget may seem impossible…

However, this shouldn’t put travellers off experiencing Scotland, England, Wales, or NI as there is so much packed into this little island and it can be done on a budget. It’s a global powerhouse for culture, the arts, finance, and sport just to name a few. There are so many attractions to visit such as Edinburgh Castle or the amazing Lake District National Park near Lake Windermere.

No matter who you decide to come with, it might be family, friends, or your partner; you will find something that fits the bill.

There are ways to enjoy everything that the UK offers while not breaking the bank. There won’t be any less of an experience. As an example, exploring the option of last-minute hotels can save you on accommodation, or booking in advance for an attraction can save money too.

Here are some of the best ways to enjoy a UK break or staycation in the UK while on a budget this year:

Book hotels last minute and other hotel offers

Saving money on accommodation can save a lot of travel budget. Okay, it might not be cheap when looking for a city break in London but there is still room for saving money on hotels. A way to do this is to book hotels at the last possible minute. Hotels will always try to fill their rooms. So, when they are trying to fill their last rooms for the month, there can be an extra discount available. Not all the time but in certain circumstances.

Another example is booking hotel deals through an online travel agent such as myhotelbreak. Here you can stay in grandeur hotels on a dinner, bed and breakfast deal which is cheaper than going direct to the hotel you want to stay in. Guests might be looking for a spa weekend with friends or a walking break in the Peak District and there are offers at hotels that tick these boxes. Added to this, there is room for discounts on spa treatments and potential room upgrades.

Booking late hotels or UK hotel deals can save quite a bit of cash for other attractions when visitors still want to experience a top hotel in the UK.

UK city break travel on a budget

The UK has an abundance of train operators throughout the country. When in a region or the outskirts of the city then getting a local train can be really cost-effective in getting where you need to be. Much cheaper than a taxi or Uber. Even a city to city train can save visitors money. For longer journeys though, trains can become really expensive costing over £100 at peak time sometimes.

For longer journeys, we suggest taking a reliable and friendly bus service. Choose from Megabus or National Express. Trips can cost as little as £2 if you book early. Although, trips can cost a little more the later you book, taking the bus for long trips around the UK are way cheaper than the train.

It can get confusing on what we need to make a trip work on a budget but it’s definitely worth it.

Visiting the UK on a Budget This Year

Cheap UK flights for a last-minute staycation break

Believe it or not, when looking to travel around the UK it can be cheaper to get domestic flights rather a train in certain circumstances. If you’re planning on visiting the UK on a budget this year, budget airlines such as Easyjet and Ryanair offer flights from Glasgow to London at a cheap rate. This can be cheaper than jumping on the train. Added to this, it cuts out the journey time. So, you save money as well as time in reaching your destination.

Budgeting your meals out

For some visiting the UK on a budget or looking to explore a new city near to them, it can become expensive eating out all the time when you have a budget to stick to. On average it costs around £13 for a single meal. To save money and to keep to your budget for attractions and other experiences, it might be worth exploring the idea of street food or using supermarkets for meal deals.

For those staying in an apartment or hostel, there will be cooking facilities so it’s easier to buy groceries to cook in your accommodation. A trick when buying groceries is to buy discounted items that are near to their expiration date. You can sometimes save 90% on items. Of course, part of visiting a new city or town is to try restaurants and cafes. It’s good to have a blended approach where you choose to eat something from a supermarket for lunch and go big at dinner time or skip the posh restaurant every other night.

Shop around for last-minute souvenirs and must-haves

Whether you’re visiting the UK for the first time this year or enjoying a break in the city of Glasgow as an example; you will want to check out the shopping experiences on offer. There are loads of indoor shopping centres around. You have the chance to buy from reputable brands at a cheaper price than the high street.

Also hitting up stores such as Primark are great as you can get trending fashion at the fraction of the cost elsewhere.

Budgeting for a last-minute UK trip

Visiting the UK or experiencing a UK staycation will be the plans for many this year. No wonder, with such a diverse experience on offer throughout the country. For those on a budget it can also be a wonderful time with these money-saving tips on transport, accommodation, food and more.

A UK short break doesn’t need to be limited due to budget constraints. If visitors shop smart, they can enjoy everything that the UK has on offer. From wonderful attractions, great restaurants, and an abundance of unrivalled outdoor experiences.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these tips for visiting the UK on a budget this year, happy travels!




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