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When it comes to the delicate art of moving there is a lot that can go wrong, especially when it comes to our delicates! Whether it’s some wooden furniture or the family heirloom that you are scared to death will end up being damaged by the movers, there’s a lot at stake when it comes to moving day. So what can we do to make sure that when it comes to moving antique furniture we transport it safely and securely?


Consider Hiring Specialist Professionals

If you’ve got an antique like a grand piano it’s not necessarily something that a common moving company would be able to move securely because they’ve got a lot of other things they need to deal with as well, but this is where a company like Piano Removalists Perth can certainly make things far simpler. There are a variety of specialist professionals because they’ve got trailers, trucks, and special equipment to ensure that your pride and joy remain intact. They will always use things like straps and trolleys, but of course, with that extra care and attention that we should demand from our furniture movers.


Clear a Path 

The most important thing to remember, especially if you are planning on moving items yourself, is to have a clear path to move them safely. Moving an item out of the front door should mean having the moving van as close to the front door as possible, as well as making sure that if you are lifting an item, large or small, you have the opportunity to set it down if it is proving to be too much for you or the other person helping you move it. Additionally, you should remove furniture or fixtures from the path or create a new route if there are things that cannot be moved, as well as roll carpets out of the way to avoid any tripping.


Be Careful with What You Are Wearing

Wrapping and packing furniture is supposed to give you some peace of mind, especially when it comes to antique items. You should go through a lot of bubble wrap as well as newspaper to make sure that any antique or valuable glasses are intact, but you also need to make sure that you aren’t falling foul of any mistakes that could cause damage to the items, for example, jewellery or accessories, and even items of clothing that may come into contact with the furniture. These are things that could scratch or chip those valuable items.


Think About How You Lift

Many people don’t necessarily have the strength to lift heavy antique tables or furniture, but you can still maintain a firm grip when you are moving it and making sure that you are lifting the item instead of dragging it. Antiques are very delicate, and if you are struggling to lift them, don’t be afraid to hire a dolly or a trolley as this can help you keep an eye on what is ahead and will be easier to navigate.


Moving antiques comes with a lot of stress, but this is why you need to make sure you’ve got an understanding of not just the items you’re moving but also the situation in the round.


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