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If well looked after, wooden furniture can last for many years. Whether you’re looking to preserve an antique family heirloom or keep a brand new item in mint condition, there are many things you can do to maintain your wooden furniture. Below are just a few handy tips. 

Don’t let it get too damp

High levels of moisture can stain, warp and rot wooden furniture. When damp, wooden furniture can also develop mold growth. For this reason, you should keep wooden furniture out of humid areas like your bathroom. You should also be careful of storing wooden furniture in a shed, attic or basement that is not properly sealed.

Don’t let it get too dry

If wood gets too dry, it can also become damaged, often shrinking or splitting. Avoid placing wooden furniture too close to heat sources like radiators, air vents or fireplaces. If there are areas in your home that are very dry, it may even be worth introducing a humidifier.

Place drinks on coasters

Not using a coaster can cause water rings to develop on some wooden surfaces. On surfaces such as bedside cabinets and dining tables where you are likely to place drinks, make sure that there is always a coaster there. 

Avoid direct sunlight

Too much exposure to direct sunlight can cause wooden furniture to become discoloured. It is best to avoid placing such furniture right below a window that receives a lot of sunlight, unless you’re willing to draw the curtains or limit light with net curtains.

Look out for termites

Termites can quickly destroy wooden furniture if you don’t take measures against them. These pests will typically infest other wooden structures like shed walls or floorboards before moving onto furniture – if you notice termite damage in your shed or on floorboards, tackle the problem before these bugs start eating away at your furniture. There are a few different methods of termite treatment from wood treatments to termite baits. 

Absorb musty smells with baking soda

Old wooden furniture can develop unwanted smells over time. Sprinkling baking soda on surfaces or in drawers that smell can often get rid of any bad odours. Of course, cleaning furniture can also tackle smells…

Keep furniture clean

It’s important to wipe down wooden furniture to prevent bacteria growth, which can lead to smells and decay. Wiping away spillages and dirty hand prints can also prevent permanent stains and marks from forming. There are specialist furniture cleaning products that you can use such as oil wood soaps. You can also use vinegar and hydrogen peroxide.

Know when to retreat wood

There are many different ways to treat wood to help preserve it including using oil, using wax, using stains, using varnish or using paint. Most wooden furniture will have originally had one of these treatments. Consider what types of treatment were used on the wood originally and top it up with a new layer. Outdoor furniture typically needs to be retreated more regularly than indoor furniture (which may never need to be retreated). 


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