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If you find yourself bored of your job, or looking for work, it might be a good idea to consider starting a business at home. This means you can work for yourself and not have anyone else to answer to. It will also mean you can work on something more exciting and fulfilling, and give you a better work-life balance.

Many people will think about starting a business, or even toy with the idea, but not follow through. A barrier many people come up against is knowing what business to start. Many will require you to have a separate location, travel to see clients, and more. If you want a business you can start at home, then you will need an idea that does not require anything else of you. For instance, there are many different business ideas that you can start and run right from your home, depending on how much time you have to run a business, what interests you, and more. 

To help you on your journey, here are some great business ideas to start and grow at home in 2024. 

Beauty treatments 

The beauty industry is a great one to start at home. You can simply do this in your living room or dining room if you wish! Most people will use a spare room, loft or garage to set up a space for beauty treatments, as this means you can have a dedicated room for your clients, but it doesn’t have to be the case when you get started. All you need is a passion for beauty, the relevant skills and experience, such as certifications gained from attending a classic lash training course, and the equipment to do the beauty treatment. Clients will come to your house, and you can use your laptop or phone to market yourself on social media

Daycare for children or dogs 

Using your home as a daycare for children or dogs is an excellent business idea to run at home. Clients will drop their children or pets at your home for the day, and collect them at the end. All you will need is toys, a garden for them to use, and ways to keep them entertained. You will also need to consider safety and compliance, and maybe even a licence. Once you have that sorted, you only need to let people know you offer the service, and you can hit the ground running! This is great if you love to care for people and animals and can be very fulfilling. 

Digital Marketing 

Digital marketing is an industry that is booming. This is because of the number of businesses that are existing or being started around the world. Everyone needs their business to be found online, and digital marketing services offer just that. You can work from home and you will only need your laptop to complete the work. You can gain experience, learn skills online, practise with your own business to drive clients to you, and be your own case stuffy. 

Starting a business at home has never been easier. Consider these top industries to get you started!

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