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What does your home look like? It might be that it looks great, and you’re happy with it all – it feels comfortable, and you enjoy the decor you’ve put in place. It might be that you know changes have to be made and that you don’t like how your home looks and feels. No matter which side of the fence you fall on, the fact is that there will always be design changes you can make that will improve your home, from the smallest to the biggest. With that in mind, let’s take a look at what some of those design changes could be so you can start at least thinking about putting some of them in place – the results could be very surprising in a positive way.

Change Your Front Door Colour

The first thing that anyone who comes to visit your home sees (up close, at least) is your front door. Plus, it’s the last thing you see before you go inside and before you leave your home to go to work, the shops, or out for any other reason. Yet most of the time, we barely give it more than a passing glance, and never really consider how changing it even a little could be worthwhile and make some big improvements to your home and how you (and others) feel about it. 


One very simple thing you can do is change the colour of your front door. You can change it to anything you like, although it’s worth considering whether there might be any restrictive covenants in your neighbourhood (some areas do have rules in place which you would have needed to agree to when you bought the house; if you rent then it’s a good idea to check with your landlord). Sometimes there are rules regarding front door colours, which is why it’s important to be sure you’re sticking to what you agreed to. However, if there are no rules, you can choose any colour that takes your fancy. If there are rules, you can still choose any colour, as long as it’s one that will be approved by whatever committee oversees the neighbourhood. 


The point is, changing your front door colour can make a huge difference to your home and make things feel fresh, new, and positive. Every time you go in and out of your house, this new front door colour (or perhaps an entirely new front door) will make you feel happy and give you a good feeling about your home. 

Change Your Window Treatments 

Getting new window treatments is another fantastic way to make some small but significant changes in your home that will really be noticed and improve things. Look at what you currently have in your windows and determine whether those coverings are any good anymore. They might be old, they might be out of style, or they might even just not be doing their job – good window treatments need to be able to keep your home private from prying eyes outside, and they also need to ensure you feel comfortable. Plus, they must keep your home cool in summer and warm in winter (either by keeping sunlight out or capturing heat inside the home so it doesn’t escape through the window).


Are your window treatments, whether they’re curtains or blinds, doing all of that? And, more to the point, do you like how they look? 


If any of the answers to those questions is no, then it’s time to make changes in this area, which is very easy to do once you know what you’re looking for. Although curtains might be the first thing that comes to mind, the fact is that blinds are often a better choice – they’re easier to adjust so you can get exactly the right amount of light inside, and they come in a wide range of styles so you will be able to find something that suits your room just right. To see what we mean, look at the option you can get online at a store like Half Price Blinds and you’ll quickly see how you can find blinds to match any decor choice you might already have made. 


Fresh window treatments can help control the temperature in your home, which means better energy efficiency and therefore lower bills, and since they look good too, it’s a wonderful way to make some changes that you’ll be able to benefit from in a variety of different ways. 

Add A Statement Piece 

Adding a statement piece to a room (just one room is often enough, in fact) is another great way to make a small design change that will improve your home. The good thing about a statement piece is that it doesn’t even have to be functional – it can be purely decorative and you’ll still be able to use it to transform your home. 


Statement pieces can be anything at all as long as they stand out and can easily be noticed. Some people choose large mirrors (which have the added benefit of being able to bring more light into the room, helping it feel bigger and brighter), and others will create a statement wall by putting up bold, perhaps patterned, wallpaper or painting one wall a different colour. Another idea is a large piece of artwork. You can really choose anything you like, giving you complete freedom when it comes to making your home decor your own. That’s the important point about a statement piece or feature wall or whatever you choose to call it; it’s going to be unique and it’s going to be entirely your style. That alone is something that will improve your home and make you feel good about it. 

Add Some Textures 

Textures can make a lovely difference in your home because they add some depth and interest and they’ll be nice to touch as well – it’s a positive thing to do no matter how you look at it. 


One of the easiest things to do to achieve this is to add a lot of different fabrics and materials to your home. You can have velvet, silk, cotton, wool, and so on – mix them up and use them in different ways (such as your bedding, cushions in the living room, rugs, and even wall hangings), and your home will have the depth and warmth you’re looking for. 


Decluttering isn’t exactly a design choice, but it is a change that will make a huge difference in your home and in your mind, and that’s why it’s such an important thing to do. In fact, even if you don’t make any actual changes to your home and everything stays exactly how it is, as long as you declutter, it will feel as though you’ve made changes and it will feel new and improved. 


That’s because over time we all acquire ‘stuff’ that then hangs around the house and really isn’t necessary. The problem is that we often form an attachment to this stuff, so it’s hard to throw it out even if it’s rubbish. Getting past this hurdle and realising that decluttering will make you feel happier and more relaxed as well as make your home look lovely is important, and once you’re at that stage, you can begin. 


You won’t have to throw everything out, but if there are things that don’t make sense to keep, it’s time for them to go. Make three categories: keep, throw, and donate/sell. In that way, you can easily go through each room and make decisions about which category to put everything in. Go slowly and methodically, and you should get the job done. 


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