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Whether you’ve recently moved into a new property or want to give the home an added sense of luxury in 2023, now is the time to start planning. 


Here are some of the top tips to turn large spaces and properties from bland to grand. While you might not need them all, the ones you utilise can make a world of difference.


1- Invest In Curb Appeal


Feelings towards the home flood your mind as soon as the property enters your field of view. So, the external features are essential for setting the right atmosphere, not least because it makes your home the envy of your neighbours. Renovating outside spaces to build curb appeal can include landscaping or painting the building. When the home feels more welcoming from the outside, your relationship with it will soar.


2- Go Open Plan


The open-plan approach to interior design isn’t limited to luxury properties. Nevertheless, combining the kitchen and dining space, for example, can give the home a more grandiose vibe. Another popular choice is to install sliding doors to connect living spaces to the balcony or garden patio. In turn, the property will feel more flexible. Meanwhile, the perceptions of bigger spaces should transform the vibes throughout your home.


3- Add Luxury Architecture


Bespoke architectural features can give your home a whole new level of luxury. Experienced teams like Canal Architectural will deliver stunning results. From awe-inspiring staircases to balconies and metalwork, they are the items that instantly stand out. They are very effective in reception areas but can also be used to improve the look of any room. Especially if you build your design around these items.


4- Revamp Your Garden


Spending more time outside can work wonders for your health and thoughts of the home. The right landscaping rituals will have a telling impact on the appearance and atmosphere. As well as planting the right trees and flowers, you can incorporate water features or ornaments. The deck could also be supported by architectural features that lead down to the grass level. The key is to ensure it matches your requirements. 


5- Embrace Modern Tech


Modern tech improves many aspects of our lives. You would be foolish to overlook its potential for your home. This TechRadar guide can help you find the best Smart home tech features on the market. It can give your home a futuristic touch while adding to the comfort and practicality. In many cases, the additions will simultaneously help you save money in the long run.


6- Create A Standout Space


If your home is ever to unlock its potential, you must add something that most other homes don’t have. This is what separates it from average properties. Whether it’s building a home gym, a games room, a bar, or a garden party space is up to you. Either way, it doesn’t only allow the home to stand out from the crowd. It also increases the sense of belonging because the property will feel better aligned with your needs.


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