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Basic outfits have a sense of timelessness to them, don’t they? Rolling up in jeans and a plain tee is one of the most cookie cutter looks known to man, but this sense of style just suits everyone who chooses it. So, why is that? What is about plain, basic pieces that always make a good outfit? If you’re worried about your own sense of style and think living a ‘basic’ life is a bit boring, here are some points you’ll be interested in!

Basic Pieces are Much More Affordable


This is the main reason why you’ll find a pair of blue jeans, a white tshirt or two, a pencil skirt or some slacks, and a good pair of trainers in everyone’s wardrobe. These pieces are affordable! You won’t break the bank buying them, keeping them safe, or needing to replace them. And adding more to the wardrobe for greater customisation? All you need to do is hit the shops and find something in your size. 


That’s also why fast fashion has really taken a turn in the past 20 years. More people want their basics to be in their price range, and the more companies can pump these out, the higher their profits. People will come back time and time again for ‘easy’ clothes that can make an outfit for any occasion. 


They Can Be Styled However You Like


Even a basic outfit can be seen as high fashion. Why? Because of the way they can be accessorised, and mixed and matched for bigger, brighter, and better looks. Buttoning up a standard flannel top isn’t your only option – they’re also much easier to ‘crop’, or tie together at the waist for a cinched in look. 


As long as you’ve got the outfit base, you can pop any necklace, bracelets, and rings on top. You can add scarves and belts, as well as grunge items like bodices, waist trainers, and strapped corsets. A white, black, or grey base makes the perfect canvas here. 


You’re More Likely to Be Comfortable


Basic clothing gives you a sense of softness; it’s easy to slip into a pair of jeans and throw a simple shirt on top. You can be good to go in a matter of 60 seconds, and that’s what most people look for when they’re rushing out to work or to meet friends for a drink in the evening. 


The more effort you have to put in, the less comfortable you’re likely to be. But when someone is comfortable, they’re going to walk differently, and hold their head a bit higher. A lot of style comes from the way someone holds themself, and the more you like what you’re wearing, the easier it’s going to be to strut your stuff! 


If you’re a fan of ‘basic’ outfits, good news! Dressing up in clothes like these is here to stay. Plus, the more items you’ve got in your wardrobe, the easier it’ll be to feel like yourself outside! 


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