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Renovating your conservatory by bringing the outside in is one of the best ways to improve how it looks. Getting it right can improve lighting and make you want to spend more time reading in it.

But what, specifically, do we recommend? Let’s take a look. 


Replacing Heavy Curtains With Lighter Ones


One of the best ways to bring the outdoors into your conservatory is to replace heavy curtains with lighter ones. Instead of blocking out sunlight, let it diffuse naturally into your interiors while still providing you with plenty of protection. 


If curtains aren’t your thing, add retractable blinds with motors. These allow the full glory of the sun to enter your rooms with the push of a button. 


Bring Slabs Indoors


You can also engender a sense of continuity by bringing your porcelain paving slabs indoors. Having the same flooring inside and out gives your conservatory a luxury look and complements your patio or decking. 


Don’t worry if the slabs seem large. Adding them to interior spaces is stylish and makes it feel less jarring when you step outside. 


Include Skylights


Another pro tip is to include skylights in your conservatory’s roof or add lanterns. These fill the space with natural light and create a more dramatic and open feel. Nothing quite compares to having the sun shine through an opening in your roof area, adding more light to the space than conventional windows ever could. Just remember to slather on plenty of sunscreen if your skylights don’t reflect UV


Use Nature’s Palette


You can also try using nature’s palette when decorating your interior surfaces. Adding more greens and browns is an excellent and highly effective way of bringing the outdoors inside. 


For example, if you have a wooden conservatory, you could keep the wood structural elements raw, or add a simple protective glaze to them. You could also use natural materials inside, including stone, but also rattan. Cotton and wool can also make interior spaces feel more welcoming and cosy, even if it is wintry outside. 


Use Plants


Careful use of plants can also help you bridge the gap between your interiors and exteriors. Making the interior spaces bright, green and colourful like those outside creates a sense of continuity and helps to make the room make more sense. 

Choose indoor species and place them under skylights and next to windows so that they can survive indoors year-round and provide you with a constant supply of fresh air. Also, consider adding plant-themed murals to the walls if you have space to bring the garden vibe inside. 


Add Bi-Folding Doors


Finally, you can bring the outside in and renovate your conservatory by adding bi-folding doors. These incredible products open up the space and blur the boundaries between inside and outdoors, especially if you use a threshold-free design. 


Just make sure that you use the proper drainage features under the door. These are essential for preventing flooding in rainstorms. Also, choose doors that you can fold away conveniently to maximise space. 


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