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Summer is finally here and finally our freedoms are too. With temperatures soaring in the week that the last of the lockdown restrictions were eased in England and Scotland.

Now we can socialise freely with friends and family once more, we can open our homes and gardens to the people we love most.

If you need to get prepared for a summer of scorching heat and socialising, here’s our guide to get your garden ready for summer.

Tidy up the lawn

Invest in some good, quality strimmers or bush cutters and get your lawn and plants neat and tidy for your guests’ arrival.

If you have lots of potted flowers or a flower bed, get pruning so your garden looks beautiful when you entertain.

Invest in good furniture

You’ll want your visitors to be comfortable when they visit, so make sure your furniture is in good repair.

Fix any benches, chairs and tables if they’re starting to splinter or break. If you need to buy additional furniture, invest in quality pieces.

Remember the lighting

For the warm, darkening nights of late summer, make sure that you have sufficient lighting for your guests to enjoy themselves.

Solar-powered lawn lights are a good idea, as are ambient string lights that set the mood right.

Fire up the BBQ

Everyone loves a BBQ. If you’ve invited people over for a BBQ, get it fired up ahead of time so it’s hot and ready to cook when they arrive.

If you have vegetarian and vegan friends, invest in a supplementary BBQ to accommodate your plat-based friend’s requirements.

Get the food and drinks in

You’ll want your guests to leave fed, watered and happy. Order in all the supplies you need such as your BBQ food, snack, desserts and raw ingredients if you’re making things from scratch.

You might want to create a themed cocktail for your garden party. Make sure you have ordered in enough booze to satisfy your guests.

If you have any particularly fussy friends, make it a BYO party and everyone can bring a drink they love. Which takes the pressure off you.

Spend time with loved ones

Finally, the last thing you need to do when you open your garden to your friends and family, is to enjoy spending time with people you love.

It’s been a long 18 months, so soak up every moment you can this summer.




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