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There are all kinds of home maintenance that are essential to ensure that your house stays in great condition over the years. However, while it’s easy to see most signs of wear and tear, there are some that don’t seem to appear until it’s too late, or until it’s an urgent matter. That is the case with cracks in the wall. Here’s why they are often so serious and why you should act on them as soon as possible.

Is it normal to settle?

There are some cracks that might not be too much of a concern. Homes settle as time goes on, often because there’s a slight shift in the ground beneath the foundation. You might only need to invest in a little wall repair for non-damaging cracks and these will usually appear around doors and windows, often considered the “weak spots” of the wall.

Getting to the foundation

As mentioned, thin cracks might be the only ones that you don’t need to worry about too much. However, if they start to multiply, to become deeper, or they even start to chip parts off the wall, then you may need to invest in foundation repairs. Check the foundation of the home for cracks if you can and make sure you act quickly as, if it is compromised, the damage can quickly spread up into the rest of the house.

Plaster problems

If you live in a home that has plaster walls instead of drywall homes, they are more likely to experience cracks. Plaster tends to sag over time, which can result in it pulling away from the lumber frame beneath it. Over time, the plaster will begin to weaken and then, eventually, start chipping away and forming cracks.

Leaks and water damage

If the cracks are showing any signs of change that might be moisture-related, such as changes in the color or tinted stains around the cracks, then there is a good chance that it’s water damage caused by a leak from outside or inside. Invite a plumber to come out and check the pipes of the home. Water can wear away at the materials of the wall, weakening it until the natural shifts of the materials can cause cracks.

A humid home

Moisture issues aren’t always caused by leaks and water damage. In some cases, it might be the case the home is simply too humid. These cracks often happen around the door frames and usually in older homes. Wooden door frames can expand and contract due to humidity, causing cracks to appear in the wall. When this happens, fixing the cracks is key even if they aren’t causing too much damage. However, you might also want to invest in a dehumidifier for the room to keep it at a consistent level of humidity.

Simply put, wall cracks need to be treated as an urgent case. The longer you leave them, the more expensive the damage to your home, and in some cases, it might even be irreversible if left too long.


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