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Renovating your home isn’t easy. On the contrary, it is noisy and inconvenient; still, in the end, you have a brand new space that you can express your vegan values in. Every revolution starts at home, whether that’s with your diet or with the furniture and clothes you decide to buy. Read on for ideas on how to take your vegan revolution to the next level. 

Down-free Cushions 

As with many non-vegan items, the down feathers that plump up those extra soft cushions in the store or in your friend’s conservatory are very good at what they do – they are soft, warming, and comfortable. Unfortunately, they are also cruel to animals. 

Around 1 or 2% of the down “gathered” or “harvested” from ducks and geese is from live-plucking, the other 98% is collected after slaughter. The simple solution is down-free cushions that are easily available online. 

Better-than-leather Sofas

We know you love the look of that wingback armchair in the antique store, it is red or green, a little bit worn, and perfect for your newly renovated reading corner. If it’s second hand it might be alright for you depending on your ethics – even so, there are viable vegan alternatives. 


Vegan leather has become increasingly popular as more people join the 79 million of us in the world who have already made the shift. It’s made from a synthetic PVC-like material but you wouldn’t know it from the real thing – it even smells the same in some cases. 

Animal-friendly Antiques

The majority of antiques are animal-friendly. Even if they have a leather covering of some description, the age and status of the item generally mean you don’t have to worry about supporting an industry that’s cruel to animals. But again, this depends on your ethical values. 


Antiques are a marvelous way to populate your home after it’s been renovated. Antiques have history and elegance, and they’re made to last – something that can’t be said for Scandanavian flat-packed items. So how to tell if your furniture is antique online or in a shop? Follow the blue link for more information. 

Cruelty-free Rugs 

Possibly, the most stomach-churning sight for any vegan – or ethically minded human being – is a rug that looks like an animal skin complete with head. Luckily they are not only unfashionable today, they are also illegal in most places. That said, many Rugs still use animal fur and other derivatives.


It would be the worst thing in the world to have one of these animal-derived Rugs in your living room or dining area – it would make you feel continuously queasy – so opt instead for one made from sustainable cotton or synthetic textiles. 

Plenty of Plant Life 

Starting a vegan revolution from your bed – as John Lennon might have done today – or your living room doesn’t just mean choosing the best furniture, it also means adding the right features. Plants are top of the list when it comes to vegan-friendly features for your home.


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