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For starters, when we talk about “outdoor space”, we mean anything on your property that counts as being outside. This includes the backyard, but it also includes a front garden, driveway, and any exterior structures outside the house itself.

Now that that’s established, why should you spend your valuable time and money on this exterior space? You will likely spend the majority of your time indoors, so it would make sense to focus your efforts there. Wouldn’t it?

In an ideal world, you would focus on both interior and exterior renovations. But when planning any kinds of renovations, you should prioritize.

First, focus on the renovations you need. This includes repairs and replacements that have a tangible impact on your quality of life and the functionality of your home. From there, you can tackle the renovations that you want.

Your outdoor space represents a lot of opportunities that can go wasted. All of that space, for example, can be put to good use. Also, neglecting your outdoor space can lead to pests making a home in your untidy or cluttered backyard, which can cause further headaches. 

Finally, if you care about the value of your home, then you should care about the outdoor space. If it’s well-maintained and adds something to the property, it can improve your home’s curb appeal and allow you to value it higher. Sometimes it only takes a little bit of effort to make a huge difference.


Sometimes, the best option is to start from scratch. If you have a big lawn that isn’t getting used, landscaping services is the quickest way to transform your garden completely. A professional landscaper can help you to design and create a backyard that you will fall in love with.

There are so many different landscaping designs and ideas for you to choose from, which means that you can custom-make the ideal garden for you. If you like a simple backyard garden, a landscaper is still a good option as they can clear out your current garden, then create something easy to maintain on top of it.

But a landscaped garden truly shines when you put some thought into designing something special. Small features like a garden path complete with different flower beds and trees can make your garden feel like a wonderland.

Landscapers can also create levels in your backyard, so it can be split into different zones. This is a fantastic way to make a large backyard look more interesting and get the most out of it. 

But let’s look at some more specific things that you can do with your backyard.

Water Features

Who doesn’t love a water feature?

Whether you want to install a fountain as the centerpiece of your garden, or you prefer something more natural, there’s nothing more relaxing than sitting by some running water and taking in the outside world.

Natural water features, such as ponds or streams, allow you to make a home for animals in your backyard. A fish pond is a fantastic option, and if you take care of the fish, you can provide a stunning feature to your garden. But any body of water will attract wild animals, and a newt or frog pond can be just as interesting.

Another, much less natural option, is to install a swimming pool or even a hot tub in your outdoor space. Obviously, this is an option for people who have large backyards, but you’d be surprised at what you can fit in a mid-sized backyard. Hot tubs don’t take that much space, and can be a great addition to a small, sheltered yard. 

If you have a water feature, you do have to take care of it. Keep the water clean, especially if you will be swimming or sitting in it. If you have children or pets, don’t let them around the water unsupervised. It can only take a few minutes for a tragedy to occur.

Garden Rooms and Sheds

If you find that your outdoor space is going to waste, a garden shed or room is a great way to maximize your space. A garden shed can be used for storage or converted into a workshop, which is ideal for anyone who has a more hands-on hobby or craft.

Garden rooms are rising in popularity, mainly because they are so versatile. 

Do you work from home and want a dedicated office? Then set up a garden office and enjoy your very brief commute to your own private space.

Do you have friends and family visit and want a little bit of privacy for them? A garden room can be turned into an ensuite. 

Do you want a home gym or any other room and don’t have the space for it? You guessed it, a garden room can be the answer. 

Decking and Patios

There’s not much point in having a beautiful garden space if you aren’t able to properly sit out there and enjoy it. This is where decking and patios come into the picture. These provide you with a stable, flat place to sit out and put your garden furniture. 

When investing in decking or patios, go for the best option. The outside world is lovely, when the weather is good. But it can be harsh to any outdoor furniture or structures. Storms can bring down fences and damage decking, while heavy rain can cause unprotected wood to rot. Nobody wants to discover rotted decking by putting their foot through it. 

Tough Decks is a great decking option for strong hardwood, especially if your area is prone to heavy rains and harsh weather. A greater initial investment in decking materials will ensure that your decking lasts for longer and looks better, no matter what nature throws at it. 

Outdoor Dining

One of the best reasons to set up decking or patio outside is to provide a suitable place for outdoor dining. If you’re a barbeque lover, then make sure that you set up the grill in a flat, fireproof area. It only takes one dropped coal to risk a fire. 

Other than that, decking is still a great option for your garden furniture. Put your grill near to the kitchen for easy access. You should also set up a table and chairs nearby, then add some of the optional extras.

If you don’t have any nearby trees for shade, a parasol is a must. Even if you love soaking in the sun, some people prefer to stick to the shade. You should also consider some outdoor lighting so that you can enjoy mild evenings in the summer. If possible, a firepit is a great option for after-dark relaxation, complete with roasted marshmallows.

Vegetable Garden

If you’re a fan of cooking and gardening, a vegetable garden is an excellent way to indulge both of your hobbies. To be honest, setting up a vegetable garden does take some initial work, but it’s worth the effort when you get the joy of harvesting fresh fruits and vegetables for your kitchen.

If it seems overwhelming, a good trick is to start small. This is also a good option if you don’t have a lot of room to play with. You can grow a surprising amount of things in plant pots. A great place to start is by growing your own herbs.

You can grow herbs in a windowsill, and while they are relatively cheap to buy as plants and easy to grow, they have a huge impact on your cooking. Fresh herbs have bags of flavor, and it can elevate a meal.



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