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5 Ways To Transform Your Patio And Optimise Your Outdoor Space

A study by experts in the UK reveals that having a good patio can boost your home’s value by up to 76%. Patios have grown in popularity over the years in the UK, and research conducted reveals an estimated 55% of homeowners prefer patio space to lawns. Patio space is popular because they provide added entertainment space as they function as an extension of the living room space. They are also budget-friendly and relatively low maintenance. Additionally, they have a longer lifespan and offer more personal design options than other outdoor personalisation choices. So are you looking for ideas to transform your patio and add some spice to your outdoor space? Here are six methods to consider.


Add some lighting


Lights are an essential addition to consider if you want to bring your outdoor space to life. Illuminated backyards expand your living space because you can spend more time outside instead of going inside at night. A well-lit patio also boosts security by reducing the risk of robbery and vandalism of your property because it creates no convenient hiding places. Good patio lighting also has an aesthetic attraction, increasing the overall appeal of your home. You should consider adding lights if you want to make your patio much more unique and stylish.


Invest in landscaping


A well-cared-for garden in your backyard is something to consider to maximise the potential of your outdoor space. The different types of landscapes you should consider are flower or vegetable beds, trees, grass-based or plant landscapes, depending on your preferences. Decorations also make your backyard more appealing as a substitute for, or in addition to planting. Extras like colourfully painted decorative stones neatly arranged in your backyard will give it an aesthetic appeal. Good landscaping will lead to increased family time outdoors, is suitable for entertainment, and will add value to your home. Investing in landscaping can be beneficial to your health as well; being outdoors can improve your mood and relieve stress. Studies also show that plants enhance the quality of air. Landscape plants like turf and shrubs will help remove dust and other pollutants from the air you breathe, boosting you and your family’s overall health.


Fix a patio door


Patio doors provide you with a unique opportunity to integrate your outdoor and indoor space. Experts consider patio doors as one of the most cost-effective home renovations, making for a worthy investment in the years to come. One great benefit of patio doors is that they allow natural light to come into your home, thereby reducing your energy costs. Patio doors also make an excellent first impression on prospective buyers and can therefore increase your property’s value. Modern-day patio doors are also safe, with most boasting a three-level protection tier. Patio doors are aesthetically pleasing as well and can complement your interior design. These doors come in a wide variety of types and materials that cater to differing preferences so you should check out some bi-fold doors made from aluminum and glass, of course. Then go ahead and select the most appealing patio door option that best suits your home decor and the space available.


Make a shed


A study revealed that 82% of property professionals think adding a shed to your outdoor space is the garden feature that adds the most value to homes. Sheds improve backyard aesthetics by reducing clutter and can be very multi-functional as well- it can be anything you need it to be should the need arise. From your makeshift art studio to your gym, or perhaps a quiet home office, your shed will serve you well. Therefore, it would be best if you considered adding a shed to your outdoor space to help you make the most of it. 


Introduce multi-functional seating


More people opt for outdoor seating, as UK statistics show a 17 % increase in outdoor furniture sales. Appropriate patio furniture makes your outdoor space more functional and comfortable. The addition of simple cushion-filled sofas, rocking chairs, or lovely garden stools can turn your backyard into the new hotspot for entertainment, dining, and lounging. Before you furnish your patio, you must consider certain factors that will ultimately determine your furniture choice. Are you looking to relax more or dine a lot in your backyard? Your furniture selection must correspond with your answer to this question. Also, select furniture that is comfortable, easy-to-maintain, and comes with an added benefit of being dual-purpose to get your money’s worth. 

With these tips, you are guaranteed to create the patio space you are comfortable with and to your preference. Start planning your patio modifications now!


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