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There’s nothing quite like saving your hard-earned money for a luxury holiday now and then, something we all deserve. But far from your standard hop over the pond, special vacation includes the likes of amazing hotel staff and a room with much more than just a view.

Things You Can’t Typically Do

When you go on holiday, you want to do the things you wouldn’t usually do at home; otherwise, what’s the point? Taking up new hobbies is a great time to get the most out of a luxury trip. For instance, you can see broker specialists of renting yachts and catamarans in Italy and other exotic places. This allows you to get out onto the water for sunning views, supreme relaxation, and hobbies such as scuba diving. These are the kinds of things that make treasured memories.

Attentive Hotel Staff

Paying for a luxury hotel means getting the extras that you can’t get with budget accommodation. When you stay at a five-star or more place, the staff is genuinely amazing. They should be extremely friendly, attentive, and aware of the specific needs you told them, such as a Vegan diet. For example, they will already be aware of allergies, whether you have young children, and the services you want. And will go out of their way to accommodate these.

A Luxury Holiday has Stunning Food 

Most people look forward to the food when traveling. It’s an amazing thing to sample recipes in their place of origin, especially when cooked by world-class chefs. For instance, a tagliatelle bolognese from a hotel in Bologna is nothing like your mid-week spag-bol family recipe. And then there’s the Michelin guide to food, showing you the very best chefs on the planet. It can help to get a taste for the food of the place you plan to visit such as Amsterdam, for example.

Stunning Accommodation

Further to the staff and food, a luxury vacation has accommodations to meet. This could be a luxury resort, a five-star hotel, or a secret destination toured by celebrities such as Richard Branson’s Island. Luxury accommodation should come with everything you need and more that you don’t. Spas, an array of entertainment, and personalized services such as a call-in butler are just some of the things you can expect. Of course, the more you want, the more it will cost.

The Destination

Some say it’s the journey and not the destination. But what the heck are you traveling for, then? The destination is very much the most exciting thing about a luxury getaway. As a tourist, you want to take in the most beautiful places in the world. Ancient Greek attractions, waterfalls in Thailand, and the rivieras of southern Europe are popular luxury destinations. And all of these places offer some of the greatest experiences, including accommodation, for a stunning holiday.


A luxury holiday is something we all look forward to at least once. These are great ways to do things you wouldn’t do at home, such as food and taking in the world’s most stunning places.


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