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Whether you are experiencing a financial pinch due to the rising cost of seemingly everything around you, or perhaps it is simply time for a job change. Regardless of your underlying motivation, you need to navigate the job market to find something suitable and financially stable. Continue reading for some helpful tips on how to find work.

Try a Different Approach

Looking for employment is not always easy. Sometimes you cannot seem to find an in because either you do not know where to look or you do not know anyone who is in a position to hire. That is why utilizing an established labour hire company is an easy and effective solution to finding work. 


In the labour hire model, you are not a temporary worker. On the contrary, you are an employee of the labour hire company. The company, in turn, supplies its employees to another place of business. You will do the work for the second company but work for the labour hire company and receive wages from them in this unique approach to employment.


Become an Entrepreneur

While it is easier said than done, going into business for yourself can be one of the most rewarding things you can do in both your personal and professional life. If there is something that you dream of doing, that drives you, and gets you excited about, then perhaps this may be your starting point in the entrepreneurial landscape. 


Another way to approach a new business endeavour is by transitioning your hobby into a business. A word of caution, though, make sure this is something you will still be passionate about as your workload increases and time passes. You do not want to start something as big as a business only to tire of it and wish you could move on to the next crafty thing.


Look Within

If you are currently gainfully employed and like your company’s values and mission, take some time to find out what is available internally. Often, internal hires are sought after as you already know the overall ethos of the company and will not need to start from zed as if you were new to the organisation.


If you do not find any open internal positions during your research, it is time to get on the human resources or hiring manager’s schedule. Prepare for this meeting by dressing to impress and having at least two copies of a current CV. Go into the meeting with the intent to explain what you have done for the company in your present position. Try to quantify any talking points, such as:


  • I have saved the company X amount of money by changing from X to X.
  • Our customers have seen an X per cent increase in chat representatives responding to their queries faster than before.
  • The company’s attrition rate has dropped since I helped enact the X policy.


When you can show your value to those in a position to hire, you stand out amongst the crowded field of candidates. This is essential, especially if you are not completely qualified for the position you aspire to or if there are many applicants for the same role.


Update Your CV

To get a new position, you need to show your experience. The most convenient vehicle to do this with is that of the curriculum vitae or CV. A pro tip is to always have an updated CV on hand. To maintain your document, keep notes on your phone whenever you achieve a milestone or complete a major project at work and add that information to your notes. At routine intervals, add this new content to your CV to keep it up to date. This also applies whenever you switch companies or job positions.


It is also helpful to keep a list of accomplishments and accolades on a document. This is especially important when applying for different positions as each one may require different keywords and job skills or accomplishments to show you have experience in that particular area of work.


Watch this video for tips on how to write an effective CV.


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Prepare for the Interview

Coming to an interview prepared is essential to giving a hiring manager a good first impression. Whether you interview in person or via Zoom, the preparation is almost the same. The only differences will come about if you interview over a computer screen as you need to check your technology and connections in advance. Also, ensure your chosen interview area is quiet and any family members or housemates know not to disturb you during the interview.


For both interview types, you will need the following to get off on the right foot.


  • Current copies of your CV. If you know how many people you will be interviewing with, add two to that number of CVs to have on hand. If you do not know how many people will be present, bring at least four copies just in case.

  • Dress appropriately. Always dress a bit more formally than expected. This shows your interviewer that you are taking their time and the opportunity seriously.

  • Do your research. You must research the company, the job description, and the person who will be conducting the interview in advance of the interview. These efforts pay off as you will know statistics and specifics about the company that will help you in answering questions. In addition, you will be better prepared to ask questions at the end of the interview, and you need to do so.

  • Be yourself. The company and interviewer are not only hiring you for your skill set, but they are also looking to bring on someone with a personality and work ethic that will fit into their established workplace.

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