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Much like with anything in life, wedding trends come and go, and what was popular in 2021 is out of style for weddings held in 2023 and beyond. However, it isn’t the trends you follow that make the marriage, and there are many more factors that go into creating the perfect wedding day; it can be fun to incorporate some trends to help you give our big day that extra something else and inspiration to help you make it more personal.


If you’re interested in seeing what trends are popular for 2023, read on.


Flower Men, Mates of Honour and Groomsmaids

As you can see, the traditional titles held by members of the wedding party have been messed up, which is no bad thing. The reality is people’s lives are much different today than even 20 years ago. What was once considered traditional and standard now goes against how some people choose to live their lives. The growing trend of changing up wedding roles and incorporating people into the wedding in different ways shows no signs of stopping; all you need to do is head to social media to see the latest fun flower men entrance that more people are choosing to add fun to their big day with their nearest and dearest.


Smaller Weddings

Wedding guest lists seem to have shrunk in post-pandemic times, from an average of 102 guests to just over 70. This shows more people are close to being more selective with who they celebrate to keep things more intimate. However, just because guest lists are joining, it doesn’t mean the spending is too, as the money used to invite guests they felt they should invite goes back into the day in another way, such as choosing a more luxurious wedding venue to hold the big day in.


Humanist Weddings

Humanist weddings are becoming increasingly popular for couples wanting to break free of the norms. These days people want to celebrate their love in their own way and not be held down to traditional or reciting vows they don’t believe in. Choosing a humanist ceremony is the perfect alternative for people with no religious or spiritual views and who don’t want to be bound by these ties. The officiant will write the ceremony for each couple, making it unique and perioral. While they can be performed anywhere at any time, in England and Wales, they aren’t legally recognized (they are in Scotland and Northern Ireland), so this might mean you need to register your marriage officially to make it legally binding at a separate time.


First Look Photos

What initially started as an American thing to do pre-ceremony is now taking hold on the side of the mind too. First look, photos are of the couple seeing each other before they walk down the aisle and go against all tradition and superstitions of bad luck. We all live different lives, and not everyone believes the tales of days gone by, and first look photos can give you a special moment, just the two of you to see each other without the eyes of the wedding party intruding on this moment. It is one way to cherish the day and give you something that only the two of you have away from everyone else.



Modern wedding trends seem to be leaning towards eschewing tradition and rewriting the rules where weddings are concerned. After all, it is your day; if you want to throw the rule book out the window, then go ahead!


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