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hottest wedding destinations abroad right now

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The country in which you live might be a great place, but when you’ve got a wedding planned, you often want to travel further afield to find the perfect location. But where are the best places on Earth to tie the knot? Let’s take a look.


Bali, Indonesia


Bali is one of the most famous Indonesian islands, home to a highly developed tourist industry. Bali offers stunning beaches, incredible mountainous backdrops, and plenty of places to host the ultimate after party. Yes, it might be a long way from where you live, but it’s a dream destination to get married. The weather is close to perfect and the scenery stunning.


Devon, UK


Most people think of Devon as a single place. But it’s really a county in a county. There’s Exeter at the centre and then mile after mile of rolling countryside to the north and the south, flanked by two national parks, Exmoor and Dartmoor. Devon is crammed with incredible venues and stunning monuments. As points out, it’s easy to find great entertainment. All of the vendors you need are located nearby – so no need to travel. Sure, you might pay a little extra for a venue, but there are so many benefits from choosing to go to Devon for a wedding celebration.


Napa Valley, USA


The Napa Valley is a unique region of California that is reminiscent of Tuscany in Italy with its rolling hills, stunning vineyards, and pleasant climate. That alone is reason enough to choose it as a wedding destination. But, being California, the Napa Valley is also home to a multitude of incredible restaurants where you can take guests for the after-party and wedding celebrations.


The Napa Valley is most popular for weddings between July and October when grapes are ripening on the vine, but you can get hitched at any time of year. Transport links to the region are good from both San Francisco and Los Angeles.


Oahu, Hawaii


Hawaii is an island chain in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, right on the equator. The area is already popular with tourists and is now a favourite wedding destination too. Why? Besides the warm, sunny weather, people like getting married here because of the unique culture and great nightlife.


Because Oahu lies on the equator, you can get married here at any time of year, and it’ll be warm. Oahu has both a wet and a dry season with the dry season corresponding with the regular summer months (Jun-Sep) in the northern hemisphere. The islands tend to be wetter over the winter, just like in other parts of the world.




Ireland is a land of rolling countryside and magical castles, making it a perfect place to live out the romantic dream. Ireland has a long history, which means you have a fabulous choice of venues. You could choose to get married in a walled garden at a country estate (which you can read about at or at one of the nation’s many grand castles. You could also get hitched on the country’s rugged coastline, overlooking the cliffs and sea.



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