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A patio with comfortable furniture overlooking a beautiful garden, where you and your family can enjoy the sun. Or perhaps, a space to host friends for a barbeque or to enjoy some much-needed quiet time. There may be several reasons you are contemplating installing an outdoor living space for your home as your next renovation project, but is it worthwhile? Incorporating an outdoor living space into your home’s design can do more for you, your family, and your home than you would have thought! Therefore, it is of little surprise that several homes across the UK have made efforts to create some outdoor space. For example, approximately 87% of British homes have a garden. So, if you are wondering what the big deal is about creating an outdoor living space for your home, below are a few reasons you should consider. 

  • Increases your home’s resale value

Making additions and improvements to your home is a surefire way of increasing its resale value. This is because potential customers are attracted to the fact that they wouldn’t have to spend money making these changes on their own. Therefore, if you plan to put your home on the market, creating an outdoor living space is a great investment. Creating a garden, including a pool, or installing a deck or patio, are some investments you should consider to boost your home’s resale value. These changes also increase curb appeal, make your home more luxurious and aesthetically pleasing, and create a pleasing ambiance– elements attracting potential customers. 

  • Improve your mental health


The hustle and bustle of your busy schedule can cause you to feel overwhelmed, stressed, anxious, and burnt out. Or perhaps, you are dealing with various mental health issues such as depression. Although therapy and prescribed medications can assist, research has shown that simply spending time outdoors can make all the difference. Experts have noted that taking in fresh air, spending time in the sun, smelling the grass, and participating in outdoor activities a few hours a week can increase your serotonin levels. Therefore, with an outdoor space in your home, you can simply sit in your patio, under your pergola with a book or a cold drink to improve your mental health. 

  • Leaves you with numerous entertainment options

If you love to host, spend time with your family, or participate in fun activities, you should install a home living space. You can set up a barbeque grill in your outdoor space, allowing you to interact with others as you flip burgers. You can hold more guests comfortably within your outdoor space compared to inside. Additionally, you can do several fun activities with your family. For example, you can have a camping experience right outside your home, making smores, sleeping under tents, and telling scary camp stories. Are you considering unique date ideas? Then your outdoor space has got you covered! You and your significant other can explore cute date ideas such as a picnic, movie night, or stargazing together. 





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