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If you want to make sure that your home is well-maintained then you will not want to miss out on doing these 4 jobs, every month.

Check Fire and Security Devices

It is so important that you check over your home to make sure that it is safe. You also need to keep supplies on-hand so you can prepare for any disasters. This could include making sure that you have a flashlight and maintained generator, should there be a power outage. Now would be the time for you to test your security system, so you can make sure that it is functioning as it should be. Test the batteries in your carbon monoxide detector and also take note of the expiration date on your fire extinguisher. If you can do this then you can always make sure that you’re good to go if there is ever an emergency.

Keep up with Landscaping

In addition to the weekly care routine for your lawn, you need to tend to your flower beds once a month.  Letting weeds grow freely, or even leaving debris to pile up can create a lot of risk to your property. It can attract numerous pests, and it is a fire hazard. Spend time every month trimming and maintaining your landscape so you can keep things tidy while keeping pests at bay.

Maintain your Appliances

A lot of people see the kitchen as being the heart of the home. It is where they spend the most time. Spilled liquids, foods and even grime from cooking can cause a lot of damage and this is the last thing you need. Every month, it is wise to take the time to wipe down any cabinetry while clearing away any items that may have expired, from your pantry. If your fridge has an ice machine built-in then you need to check the hose between the wall and the fridge so you can find out if it is stressed or pinched. Looking out for signs of leaking is also very important. If your washer won’t drain then you will want to get this fixed as soon as possible. The best way around it would be for you to tackle it yourself if you have DIY experience, or to hire a professional if you don’t know where to start.

Clear Humid Areas

Bathrooms, showers and other areas of the home can be prone to damp, mould or even mildew. This is especially the case if you do not have a good amount of ventilation. If you want to avoid this kind of build-up then one thing you can do is try and scrub the tile and grout with a cleaning product once every month. You also need to inspect your pipes and your fixtures so you can make sure that there are no signs of discolouration. If there is then this could lead to corrosion and this is the last thing you need. Make sure that you make any repairs as required and that you also check the caulking around your tub to make sure that there is no signs of it coming away.



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