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If you’re going on vacation this year, you’re probably wondering what you need to do before you travel – and if you are, this is the post for you! Whether you’re going for a few days or a few weeks, making a list of everything you need to accomplish before you leave can help you remember everything and make your trip less stressful.


Check that all of your vacation documentation is in order, such as your passport, tickets, and insurance – this is critical because you may not be allowed to travel at all if you do not have the necessary documents. You may need to think about renewing your passport from the USA. Doing things this early gives you a better chance of finishing everything on schedule (especially if you find your passport is out of date, for example). Also, jot down any addresses or phone numbers you may need while abroad and either add them to your phone or create a tiny folder with everything in it. EXTRA TIP – Scan everything so you have a digital backup in case something gets destroyed or stolen.


Add insurance contacts to your phone – if you need this while abroad, this is the simplest method to reach them (and you are less likely to lose your phone as opposed to paperwork) 


Make a list of your vacation plans – Having your itinerary and the details of where you are sleeping, budget, etc… will be useful when you are away – do it with plenty of time to verify things and schedule more things if necessary. 


Consider transportation. You may need to arrange a taxi to the airport or auto parking, or if you’re driving, you’ll want to give your car a once-over to ensure it’s ready to go. Check that you can get to your destination!


Find babysitters. If you have dogs or children who will be left behind, you must plan where they will stay while you are away. Arrange for a pet sitter, book kennels, enlist the assistance of a friend or family member, and so on… You should also consider hiring a house sitter or having a friend drop by while you are away for added security. 


Begin making your packing list for your vacation. Consider everything from suitcases and bags to clothes, entertainment, toiletries, and medication – write down everything you can think of at this point – you can easily delete items if you discover you won’t need them (due to luggage weight, or if the hotel has the items)


Create a TO DO list – This list will comprise most of your TO DOs, but there will be other one-off items relevant to your needs that you may want to add – so write everything down in one spot so you don’t forget anything. 


Prepare the house for your return by cleaning it thoroughly. A difficult task to motivate yourself to do before you leave, and one that, frankly, you could do without, but if you can clean your house as close to leaving it as possible, you will love returning from vacation tired and walking through the door knowing that the house is clean and nothing needs to be done.


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