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Wiring problems are amongst some of the most common electrical issues you can face. After all, the wires that transmit electrical signals tend to be fairly thin, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that they can be amongst the first components to experience issues. But why does this happen and what can you do about it? Here are a few ways to solve some of the wiring problems you might be facing.


Too much power

A very common issue is that you have too high voltage or wattage going towards one of the fixtures in the home. Is usually a problem that’s first spotted if you see your lights burning out too frequently. If this is the case, then hiring an electrician to see the source of the voltage is typically the best bet. If you’re renovating the home and you have to wire new power outlets, you should ensure that an electrician does it to avoid any such problems.


Cable disorganization and damage

The single biggest cause of wire breakages is the wires being bent, tugged on, stepped on, or otherwise. Cable management is the single most effective means of preventing this. It’s important to fit your cable management solutions to how your cables are used since you might need some manner of mobility to them while preventing other kinds of damage. As such, might be necessary for cable management solutions for musical equipment, for instance. Fit the solution to the application, as ever.


Not enough protection for the wires

For wires that need to be moved or adjusted regularly, you want to make sure that they are protected so that the interior wiring experiences the shocks of this movement as little as possible. The best way to do this is with multiple layers of insulation, with steel braided sleeving from sites like on the outside, so that the inner layers are the least likely to be affected.


Power surges

It’s possible for your home to have a voltage problem that sees too much power going to one of your fixtures or outlets in general. However, more common is the risk of a power surge, which happen due to disturbances in nearby power lines. This can fry any equipment that gets power from the affected outlets, so a surge protector is always recommended for any sensitive equipment.


Repairing damaged wires

If the wire within the cable is broken, then it’s too late to try and prevent the damage. You may, however, be able to fix it. In many cases, simply replacing the wiring is going to be the safest solution. If you can pinpoint the damage to a localized area, however, then you might be able to fix it with a bit of soldering. Ensure that you’re practised and able to solder effectively before you try, as you can make the connection even weaker if you’re not able to do it properly.


When you’re fixing any wiring issues, make sure that you’re confident in your ability to make the fix and ensure there is no power going to the wires before you try to do anything. It’s very easy to injure yourself when trying to fix wiring so safety is number one.


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