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Whether renting a home or owning a property, it can feel like cleaning is the one thing that is always required. For any, it seems just minutes ago that you last hoovered, only to be faced with the same thing yet again. 


It seems like you do more cleaning and you do anything else, and this can make it difficult to enjoy the home you’ve worked so hard to build and perfect. But what if there was a way you could cut down on your cleaning responsibilities and get the chance to relax and cosy down in front of the TV or with a good book? If you are tired of spending every waking second cleaning, here are five simple ways to reduce cleaning at home. 


Use Low-Maintenance Materials 

As nice as it is to have fancy, delicate surfaces and materials around the home, you are always worried about stains and chips that can ruin the entire facade. As pretty as they look, even the smallest issue can make you wish you’d never bothered, which is why low-maintenance materials are such a useful choice if you’re trying to cut down on care and cleaning. 


You can find these materials anywhere in the house, even if it is a funky throw or rug to cover your more expensive sofa. Likewise, common areas such as your kitchen and bathroom are prone to the most mess, so easy-clean surfaces like waterproof shower panels can reduce issues like mould and mildew while still retaining the stylish appearance. 


Cut Down On Your Clutter

Everyone home across the country will have clutter. There will always be something you’re unsure about getting rid of right now, and this will eventually build up until you have drawers and cabinets full of precariously balanced stuff.


Cutting down on your clutter means you don’t need to rearrange your junk Jenga tower as often and it means there is enough space for more essential storage, like winter coats during the summer or even your ironing board. Furthermore, reducing the clutter will also improve productivity when working from home, allowing you to focus on the projects in front of you rather than that pile of cables that need a home. 


Clean As You Go 

If you’re someone who leaves your dishes in the sink overnight or simply leaves your shoes scattered at the front door, it’s time to change. These may seem like minor issues, but they mean you will have to tidy up after yourself more often. 


It is always better to clean as you go, whether this is giving the pans a quick rinse while cooking or making the effort to put your coat away rather than throwing it over the chair. Even small snacks like biscuits and a cup of tea shouldn’t stay on your coffee table. It’s always more of an effort to clean up later, so a quick wipe will help you keep your home tidy. 


Design a Cleaning Schedule 

It’s easy to leave your laundry for a day or even feel that the hoovering can wait until the weekend, but this also means you never get into a proper cleaning routine. A full day of cleaning is counting even to those who enjoy it, which is why a cleaning schedule will help overcome these problems. 


Rather than dedicate a single day to doing all your chores, try to do one thing a day. Hoover on a Saturday, clean the kitchen after making your Sunday roast and do your washing on Monday evening. This schedule means you’ve always done something, so it doesn’t matter as much if something comes up and you’re unable to do what you wanted. 


Don’t Do It All Alone

Another reason it’s difficult to stay on top of your chores is that you’re the only one who does it. This isn’t fair, so knowing how to share household chores fairly will make everything much easier. 


This approach is not always easy to work out, especially if one works from home and the other spends all day out and on their feet. Of course, the others will be too exhausted when they get home. It’s best to work out a fair and sustainable compromise that will benefit the entire household. 


Put Your Feet Up 

Everyone looks forward to that moment when they can finally put the dustpan and brush away and put their feet up. If you can find ways to reduce your cleaning demands at home, you will have much more time to relax and enjoy the space you’ve made for yourself and your partner.


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