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Burglars are drawn to some properties more than others. They have a unique quality that attracts attention. What aspects look appealing to individuals who intend to cause harm? As part of a home’s security examination, homeowners should pay attention to landscape, design, and décor. The categories listed below are those that an owner should pay particular attention to when completing this examination.

Entrances Tucked Away

Walk around the house and look for any secret entrances that a thief may use to gain entry to the interior. A basement window that is concealed from view by shrubs, as well as a rear door that is difficult for neighbours to see, are both examples of this sort of entry. Burglars are always on the lookout for houses that they may enter without being noticed.


Easily Visible Belongings

Burglars love it when you make their life easier, and leaving possessions on display will attract more attention. Use shutters and blinds around your home to conceal your possessions, and consider getting Patio Door Blinds for your large patio door to help keep what you’ve worked hard for safe from theft.


Easy Tool Access

Why would you bring your equipment to a crime scene if the victim would supply you with everything you need to complete it? People need to be aware that items on their property can be exploited to gain entry to their homes. A second-story window can be accessed through lawn equipment placed outside, and a screwdriver left on the back patio makes it simple to get through the rear door. Never leave goods lying about that might be used to gain entry into your house unattended.


There Are No Security Measures

When considering which properties to target, criminals examine to see if the property owner has put in place security measures to deter them. They stay away from homes that have an alarm system or security cameras, security doors, and floodlights because they don’t want to get caught. Take steps to ensure that your home is protected against intruders who could try to break in to steal your belongings.


Homeowners Who Are On Vacation

A family that isn’t home is identified by the accumulation of mail in the mailbox, newspapers heaped on the porch, and other stuff gathering around the house. Additionally, a lack of lighting in the household indicates that people are not present. Stopping mail and newspaper delivery, as well as setting the lights in the house on a timer, will give the impression that you are home.


Keys Left Outside

Burglars are well-versed in the typical hiding spots for extra keys. The bogus rock catches their attention, and the first place they search is beneath the doormat. Leaving your keys outdoors for whatever reason is a big no-no! Find a more effective technique to guarantee that a loved one has access to the house when it is needed.


Walk around the house and check for anything else that can attract the attention of a burglar. The safety of your family and your property is something you should never take for granted. Always be on the lookout for threats to your own safety and the safety of others you care about.


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