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You may find yourself hanging around the house more so than ever these days. It can be a tough situation to be in if you’re someone who’s outgoing and loves to be on the move. However, being stuck at home doesn’t have to be as bad as it sounds.

If you’re a creative person or like new challenges then you’ve come to the right place to learn more about ways to spend your time. Review a list of creative things to do when you’re bored at home so you can enjoy your days and have a little fun.

Cook & Bake

One way to spend your time when you’re bored at home is to cook and bake. It’s the perfect activity if you’re creative and like to work with your hands. You don’t always have to follow the recipe exactly either. If you’re feeling creative and bored then you can put your own twist on it. Make your favorite foods and dishes or branch out and consider challenging yourself to more difficult recipes. The best part is that you’ll have tasty food to eat and enjoy when you’re done. While you’re in the kitchen, you may also want to do some cleaning and organizing so you can quickly find what you need in the future. 

Create Content on Social Media

Another creative thing to do when you’re bored at home is to hop online and create content on social media. There are different platforms to choose from depending on what you want to make or share and who your audience is. TikTok is a popular choice among those who want to share videos and other fun and short snippets. In this case, you might also want to learn how to add text to tiktok to make your content and videos more engaging and so they stand apart from the rest. There’s so much to create and share that you may find you spend a lot of time coming up with new and exciting information and videos to publish.

Draw, Paint & Color

Fill your afternoon with various crafts if you’re bored and want to have some fun around the house. Put your creativity to the test by drawing, painting, and coloring. If you like your creation you may even want to hang it up in your home as décor. You can teach yourself or watch videos online that will help you become a better and more talented artist. When you get done drawing or painting then you may also want to sit down and write in a journal. Writing is another excellent and creative outlet for you if you have a lot on your mind or to say and want to self-reflect for a while.

Write Songs or Play Music

Music is always rewarding and can quickly shift your mood for the better. Therefore, another creative way to spend your time when you’re bored at home is to write songs or play music. Learn to play a new musical instrument and have a good time challenging yourself to some new songs. If you prefer to be creative through your writing then you can always sit down and write songs and create lyrics that you can then put to music. If you’re at home alone then don’t be afraid to sing your heart out and make some noise. You’ll likely have a lot of fun doing so and you’ll find it’s a productive way to release any tension you’re feeling and can reduce your stress.   

Make A Vision Board

If you’re at home and feeling bored but yet motivated then think about making a vision board. Consider what you want to achieve in the future and how you want your life to look going forward. A vision board is an excellent way to map out your goals and dreams and will help remind you about them daily so you can turn them into a reality. It’ll also be a great piece of décor that you can hang in your home office and look at regularly so these items stay top of mind for you.


These are just some of the creative things to do when you’re bored at home and are looking for ways to spend your time. You might not only enjoy exploring new activities and hobbies but find that you have some new talents you weren’t aware of. Remind yourself to just give these ideas a try and know that you don’t have to be perfect at doing them for these types of creative outlets to be fun and pleasurable. 


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