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If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll probably have noticed references to the large renovation project we undertook a few years back, finally completing said project in the summer of 2020. One of the key goals I had on my list for the reno project was to create a calming, peaceful bedroom. Having stayed in a fair few luxury hotels over the years, I had plenty of inspiration and a clear vision for what I wanted to create. A bohemian, light, airy and peaceful room with warmth, earthy tones and greenery! Here’s the almost (still a few changes to make!) final look:

And here are my top tips for creating a calming bedroom:

Stick with neutrals

I always think it’s a safe bet to stick with a base neutral colour palette when it comes to walls, you can always change it down the line and it’s also key for creating a light and bright living space. For the bedroom we went for Farrow & Ball Slipper Satin, and for the rest of the house, F&B Joa’s White. Neutrals don’t have to be boring, especially when you bring in additional colours through acessories such as throws, floor rugs, cushions, and your upholstery. For me, I love earthy tones, which add warmth to the room whilst still maintaining a peaceful vibe.

Invest in quality bedding

Another big one, and something I’ve definitely appreciated more as the years have rolled by. Invest in quality sheets! They’ll last longer and feel super luxurious, helping you to have the best night’s sleep possible. Back in December, I was kindly gifted a DUSK Marseille Duvet Set and St Ives throw to give my bedroom a bit of a makeover ahead of Christmas. This was my first time trialing DUSK bedding, though I’d always been intrigued having spotted them on social media several times. According to a survey by DUSK, 53.4% of people change their bedding in the lead-up to Christmas, a stat I can definitely believe especially if you’re welcoming guests over to your home. We changed our sheets just in time for the big day to ensure we had a cosy night’s sleep and felt well-rested ahead of our first year of hosting. Another interesting stat from the survey – 60.1% also purchase new candles in the run-up to Christmas Day, definitely guilty of this.

The verdict? I was so impressed with the quality of the DUSK bedding, even my partner took an interest and asked where the new sheets were from. They felt like 5-star hotel bedding, luxurious, silky, and soft. I blame the sheets for my inability to now rise before 8.30am, my bed is just too comfy! Paired with the beautiful St Ives throw to add a bit of colour and texture, it’s the perfect bedding set-up and I’ll definitely be looking in the direction of DUSK for future bedding sets. Martha, our resident whippet, also approves.

Add a touch of greenery

Another key element of creating a calming bedroom is adding a few plants. Did you know houseplants have a naturally calming effect? Dot a few around your bedroom to bring nature into the space and enjoy the benefits of cleaner air. If, like me, you’re not the best houseplant parent, start with something easy like a cactus or succulent before working your way up to more challenging foliage. I find IKEA is one of the best places to head to for bigger cacti that aren’t too pricey.

Keep it clutter-free

One big rule of mine is to have a clutter-free bedroom. Invest in storage and try to maintain your bedroom as a place of calm. We have minimal belongings in the bedroom (clothes are banished to another room) to keep it as zen and chill as possible. After a busy and stressful day, it’s important that we can head to a peaceful, tidy space to unwind. It might make you into more of a minimalist but it’s worth it for the great night’s sleep.

No TV rule

I’ve always felt like TV’s don’t belong in the bedroom, and I stand by that. I’ve never had a TV in my bedroom as I try to read before night and give my eyes a break from the screens  – when your day job is in digital you definitely need the rest time. It also encourages us to go to bed at a reasonable hour and not stay up binging a new series, which is definitely what would happen if we were to bring a TV into the room!

Do you have any must-haves for a peaceful bedroom set-up?


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