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Decluttering is a task that has to be done occasionally to keep your home in order. Moving home could be the perfect time to tackle your clutter. Below are a few great reasons why you should declutter before moving home.

You’re going to have to sort through all of your stuff anyway

Many of us put off the task of decluttering because of how time-consuming it is to sift through all our belongings. However, before moving home, you’re going to have to do this anyway while packing. All those clutter zones that have been ignored for years such as your loft or wardrobe are going to have to be sorted through – while putting stuff into boxes, you may as well separate the belongings that you no longer want or need into bags. 

Decluttering could save you money on moving costs

The more stuff you take to your new home, the higher the moving costs are likely to be. Moving companies set their prices based on how many belongings you need to transport, as this affects the number of vehicles, the amount of journeys and the overall amount of fuel needed. When it comes to long distance moving, having lots of stuff could push the price up considerably. Even if you’re carrying out the move yourself, it will still affect how much fuel you use or how long you have to hire a van. By getting rid of clutter before you move, you can reduce costs and make the process more affordable. 

You could sell unwanted items to help fund the move

Some of the items you no longer want or need could be valuable and worth selling to someone. This could earn you some extra money to put towards moving costs. Of course, if you are going to sell items, it’s worth starting your packing/decluttering a few weeks before you plan to move. This gives you time to put items up for sale and find a buyer. You could throw a yard sale or attend a local flea market to sell some of your stuff. For those slightly more high value items such as furniture or collectibles or hobby equipment, it could be worth selling individual items online on eBay and Gumtree or finding a specialist used store that you can sell them to. There are sites you can use to look up the value of items like books and antiques online. 

A new home is the perfect time for a fresh start

Moving into a new home is a fresh start. It’s a chance to leave your old life behind and any bad household habits (like decluttering). You don’t want to clutter up your new home and settle back into your old ways. You’ll feel much better moving into a clutter-free home. You’ll also be able to more easily get used to not having certain items around because you’re in a new environment. Not having certain furniture around won’t feel so weird because you’ll already be having to get used to a new layout. 


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