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If you’re living in a small space, or you have a small room in your home, you probably understand how frustrating it can be trying to fit everything within this small space. It can be a major challenge but that doesn’t mean that this small enclosed space can’t be transformed into something sophisticated, elegant, and functional. But what about a cluttered appearance? Is it possible to furnish and decorate a space without it looking cluttered? Yes! It absolutely can be possible! Here are some fabulous tips for decorating your limited size space so you can create a beautiful and dreamy room.

Check out clothes racks

You’ll want to fall in love with your house again, and the best way to do that is by thinking of creative solutions for problems in your home such as space. If your small space doesn’t have a closet, then looking into a clothes rack would be wonderful. Clothing racks have become very trendy over the last couple of years. They’ve become a great way to decorate a bedroom, but it also helps in being selective with what will be worn. It’s a common occurrence that many homes, from studio apartments, dorm rooms, to even houses not having a closet. But the clothing rack is a very handy solution for helping out In space as these are incredibly functional and usually very affordable too.


Shelving is going to be one of the best ways to create a storage solution for your space. When it comes to clutter, it’s mostly the lack of space on the floors and the bottom half of walls that will make the mind think that the space is limited and cluttered. But going upwards in the space, as in using something such as floating shelves, is a fantastic way to utilize the space on the walls for stage and décor. Bookshelves are also a great option as well since these can also be decorated however you’d like.

Small furniture

These may be obvious, but if possible, always try to downsize on furniture in your small space. Since you’re so limited on space, having large bulky furniture is only going to make the space feel more closed in and cluttered. Some pieces of furniture can be used for multiple purposes. Such as a coffee table that is converted into a coffee table, maybe looking into getting a loveseat instead of a large bulky coach, or even a multifunctional chair for your home too.

Having a clean home

Just having a clean home is going to make the space look so much bigger!  This also gives you the chance to remove any clutter that is taking up space too.  You’ll want to make sure everything is nicely placed in your space and that all the surfaces get a nice wipe down every week. You can even look into Labor Panes DIY window cleaner as this will help clean your windows. You’ll want to have clean windows because this is going to let more sunshine in your house. Having lots of natural lighting is going to make the space look bigger.


Baskets are excellent and so versatile. They have been used as a décor piece, as a pot for plants, but they can be wonderful for storage as well. Baskets are beautiful, come in a variety of sizes and colors, not to mention that they’re super affordable too. You can find plenty of cute baskets at thrift shops for insanely cheap prices, but even at retail shops for a fairly nice price as well.  Baskets can have multiple purposes for storage and décor, such as having items in them while being placed on a floating shelf or maybe even nicely tucked underneath a console table in the entryway of the home. They’re also fantastic for being used to store blankets and be used as a footrest as well. The possibilities of baskets are endless and one of the best storage space solutions. 


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