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Travelling with the whole family is a blessing. However, on the one hand, it’s great to have the whole gang together on vacation but also, leaving your house unmanned can be stressful. Here are tips for how best to travel with your family for extended periods.

Make Arrangements for Your Home Maintenance    

Before you leave, try to get a service that can take care of your home maintenance. You may also want to ask around and see what people recommend as the best option for your needs because different services offer different levels of quality and prices. 

These services will be looking after everything from lawns to windows, so make sure they have plenty of experience. 

You can also consider using a property manager. Depending on where you live, a property manager can handle all of the maintenance issues for your home while you are away. They will even send someone by if they notice anything wrong with your home when making their rounds.

Friends and neighbours can also be a great support while you are away. Consider paying for key cutters to allow your neighbours and family easy access to your home. Also, let them know that it is okay to contact a service for home improvement.

Alert Relevant People of Your Travel Plans

You must tell someone about your travel plans. This person should be a parent or other close family member who would worry if you went missing for an extended period, and they may have helpful information to direct you as well. If the phone is not accessible in any way, at least leave a note with specific details on where you are going and when you expect to return home.

If you choose to take the kids on an extended trip, such as cross-country or abroad, family, school and others must know where you are going and when you will return. It might also help if they have communication access in case there were issues while away from home.

Pay Your Bills (if Travelling for Over a Month)

When travelling abroad with the entire family, you want to make sure that all your bills are up-to-date. So it is advisable to keep track of any due dates and deadlines. If they’re urgent, put them on top priority, for example, phone contracts; electricity, water; the internet.

Forward Your Emails to Your Family’s Address

When you travel with the entire family, everyone must stay in touch. The easiest way to stay on top of messages while travelling is by forwarding your emails to another address. Everyone will receive messages from a single point, so no one has missed deliveries. 


The best thing to do when travelling is to keep a positive attitude and let the kids relax as much as they can. They will be so excited about going on vacation that nothing else matters. To have a stress-free trip, it’s essential to make the necessary preparations so you can come back to a sound home.


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