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Giving gifts that you know will be meaningful to your loved ones can often be a difficult task. With so many options, choosing one that will stand out can be daunting and often seem impossible but follow these steps and finding a meaningful gift will never seem as tricky again.

How to decide what is meaningful

Giving meaningful gifts means truly knowing the recipient, so sit and think about everything you know your loved one is interested in or has ever mentioned that they would want. Think of what they would like to receive rather than what you would like to give to make sure it’s as personal as possible.

Keeping it personal

Personal gifts are far more likely to be seen as meaningful and thoughtful than a more ‘generic’ choice. Think of items you can customise for your loved one such as a locket in which you, or them, can place photos inside of the people or places that mean the most to them – some lockets can be engraved for that extra touch. Knitting your friend a throw blanket in the colours she likes or personalising a picture frame can also be a good choice.

Keep it practical

It may sound strange but try to take into account any restrictions your loved one may have. They may have always wanted to go to a particular restaurant, but if it’s too far for them to travel to so there’s no point getting a gift card for there! Large and heavy books might be difficult to store in small apartments. Sometimes people value the gifts that they can see or use every day the most, such as a pretty set of tea cups or a subscription that they might enjoy.

Don’t worry about budget

A meaningful gift doesn’t have a particular price. It can be anything from a hand-made item to a luxury spa-day, and as long as your loved one knows you’ve thought of them when deciding on it – it will be meaningful. Even giving someone a typically ‘generic’ gift in a unique way will help your loved ones attach new meaning and sentimental value to the experience.

Whether you choose a photo frame, a self-care box or even a homemade meal, your loved one will surely appreciate a meaningful gift.


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