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Jewellery can be worn for many different reasons and can have deep meaning and symbolism for some. Pieces can be worn to express who you are, fashion statements, and to elevate a wardrobe to complete the outfit. What you decide to wear is dependent on your personality and style, which is the most important thing to consider first and foremost, alongside the occasion. However, those in the business of jewellery such as artisans, stylists, retailers, and many in high fashion might say there is an etiquette to it, which you may be able to break past. To understand some of what goes into the art of jewellery and some stories behind it, read on. 

The Meaning of Jewellery

Different countries and cultures have different meanings for jewellery. According to history, it has played important roles and existed throughout time. Throughout all these factors, jewellery has also been worn to enhance the wearer’s natural beauty. In modern times, these personal ornaments can connote symbolism, meaning, rituals, and values that represent various purposes, such as how relationships are marked, as in the western context.   

There has been an evolution of engagement rings throughout history, but the one thing that stuck was its pure symbolism of love. In the western world, to ensure the holder’s wealth, status, and relationships within society, rings and other types of jewellery were and are gifted. When rings are given within this context, it is usual to represent the holder’s love and marriage commitment. 

In Ireland, the Claddagh rings were famous for an ethereal love story. The ring represents friendship, love, and loyalty borne by an Irishman called Richard Joyce. The story and ring have many variations and can be worn by both genders. On the other hand, the Celtic trinity knot has been adopted by many cultures and found in different countries. It is recognised to be a religious sign, wishes for longevity, and a symbol of love and promises, making it suitable for use as a wedding band.          

Reasons to Wear Jewellery

Understanding that jewellery comes dipped in meanings, it can be understood that it is also a form of pure decoration and statements in modern times. This forms the fundamental reason it is worn. The style you’re trying to convey is unique to you, and if you want to refresh your wardrobe on a budget by giving it a subtle makeover, you may do it with jewellery. However, below, various other reasons and purposes for these adornments are listed.  

  1. An heirloom or object of sentimental value
  2. Financial investment and status symbol
  3. Fashion Statement 
  4. Symbol of Love through an engagement and wedding band or a friendship bracelet
  5. A handy device such as a watch
  6. Spiritual or physical enhancement 

Jewellery Etiquette

Jewellery etiquette refers to the set of rules followed while using jewellery. There has been a verbal and unspoken norm of jewellery etiquette within today’s society, which changes depending on where you decide to visit and possibly in the fashion industry’s standards. Although, the recognised standard in today’s society does not have to be followed because, once again, your unique style is key, knowing how and what to play with during specific occasions and with various types of clothing may be valuable. 

There’s an old adage that says, “less is more.” This minimises the feeling of being overwhelmed since simplicity does appear to be important in many areas. However, this statement doesn’t always apply, and in jewellery, you can have fun with it. It’s important to know when to layer, whether it is your necklaces, bracelets, or rings. Some people can pull off all three, enhancing their style to be boho chic, for example. Nevertheless, there are times when an essential and beautiful style with only a few standout pieces is desired.

When dressing for an event or particular occasion, it’s important to decipher whether layering or simplicity would be more appropriate. Whether you are updating your casual look or entering the world of high fashion with your jewellery sets. It is possible to play around and have fun in your everyday and casual wear. Depending on your work environment, you may or may not want to have your statement pieces out to play; in this case, less may definitely be more, or best to not wear at all. At formal events and celebrations, you can figure out what would look best based on your outfit choice and what you think it may need.

Buying Jewellery Online vs a Retailer

As it is a pandemic, the effects of Covid-19 have made it the norm to purchase online and a whole lot easier. It may be beneficial depending on the sort of jewellery you wish to purchase, making internet buying more difficult than physically buying. The most important factors are to keep safe and to do your research. 

Buying jewellery online offers advantages and disadvantages. If your jewellery is a long-term financial investment, the two most significant factors should be carefully addressed. It shouldn’t make a difference if it’s online or offline. If you decide that online shopping is the option you want, you should consider buying from a reputable website and brand. If you are purchasing a diamond, it may be best to physically buy, otherwise ensure it is certified and fully refundable with legitimate policies.  

For any form of purchasing, buying in person at a retail store is typically a better experience. Though it can be incredibly time-consuming. It is great to have the ability to discover different places, speak to people, and be educated on your purchases. Discovering areas like the Jewellery Quarter is a great place to compare and find various retailers while enjoying the day.    

With art comes history and timelessness. Art can be found in anything, and the subtleties of jewellery can help you style what you wear with creativity and, some may say, passion if that is what you’re into. Jewellery is an art to many, which can, as mentioned, be an excellent long-term financial investment.







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