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The UK has some incredible scenery, from beautiful beaches to charming countryside. For a fairly small island, there is a lot to explore. It can be overwhelming figuring out where to go and what to see. A fantastic way to discover this scenery for yourself is to travel by bike. You can enjoy the pace of the slow travel moment, and see some of the best sights the UK has to offer.

Slow Travel Moment

Let’s start by explaining what is slow travel? It’s when you go on a trip and rather than rush your way through a checklist of sightseeing and snaps for social media, you take the time to truly appreciate your surroundings. Slow travel is about creating authentic experiences for yourself and enjoying the gift of time. The Idle Traveller author Dan Kieran explained slow travel isn’t about the length of the trip, but the journey itself. He said, “Most of us don’t travel, we only arrive. For me, the joy is the journey just as much as the destination.”

Cycling Holidays Explained

So, with all this in mind, it’s safe to say that a cycling holiday fits nicely into the slow travel moment. You are on your bike and cycling between your destinations. It’s not about racing to get to the next place but enjoying the scenery around you. The journey is part of the holiday. You can opt for guided trips, which set the itinerary and pick places for you. This option is particularly helpful for cycling beginners. Whereas non-guided offers more flexibility, but more responsibility as you’re planning your trip. Whichever option you choose, there are plenty of UK cycling holidays to try.

What’s Right for You

When you’re researching routes, it’s important to assess how challenging they are. Some cycle trails in the UK lend themselves to family excursions, whereas others entail a huge physical challenge. You need to be realistic with what you can manage on your bike. Remember, you should be enjoying the journey on this trip. Pick a route you feel comfortable doing.

UK Cycle Routes

There are beautiful cycling routes across the UK for all fitness levels. A popular option for beginners is the Camel Trail in Cornwall. It’s 19km of charming Cornish countryside. If you’re up to a challenge, the Lakeland Loop, in the Lake District, is a tough 65km. The views – and the ascents – are unforgettable. The Elan Valley, in Wales, takes you off the beaten track and is very popular amongst mountain bikers. This route offers wonderful views of Welsh wildlife.

Cycling holidays are a fantastic opportunity for you to explore UK scenery, and discover the joy of the slow travel moment. Find a route that’s right for you. Where in the UK would you most like to visit?




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