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Your kitchen may be the best room that you can use in the house, but that doesn’t mean that things won’t go wrong in there. There are several basic things that can go wrong in your kitchen and you may not even know you’re doing them wrong in the first place! The good news is that you can make sure that your kitchen is a happy and safe place for you to cook and spend time with others, and all it takes is a little forward-thinking.

Below, we’ve got a list of five things that could be going wrong in your kitchen and how you can correct the mistake. Even the little lessons about cooking and cleaning in the kitchen that you learned from your parents? Those aren’t necessarily good things to continue to do. So, let’s take a look at five things that can go wrong in your kitchen.

  1. Washing Chicken – WRONG! The worst thing that you can do with poultry – and most other meats – is wash it in the sink. Chicken packaging will usually say not to wash it and that’s because washing raw meat under the faucet makes the water splash everywhere, which is going to spread salmonella and other raw-meat juices around the kitchen. Any bacteria on the meat is going to be killed in the heat of the oven, and so you need to think about that rather than washing meat. Yes, your grandparents may have done it, but now we know better.
  2. Not Insuring Appliances – WRONG! When was the last time you checked the insurance and warranty paperwork on your refrigerator? If you don’t check the warranties, you’re going to need the help of Melbourne Fridgeworks to fix your broken fridge for you. It’s nice to have a backup to help you if you need it, but no one wants to have to need repairs in the first place! Keep an eye on warranty expiry dates and get new appliances if it’s close to the end – or simply add more insurance!
  3. Pouring Fat Down The Sink – WRONG! Any leftover fat or oil should be poured into an old container and disposed of in the bin. Pouring fat down the sink is going to clog the pipes and cause fatbergs in the sewers! You do not want to be responsible for environmental disasters like that, so be responsible when you are emptying old fat away.
  4. You Don’t Wash Produce – WRONG! Produce needs to be washed before use, why? Well, caterpillars in the cabbage, soil in the leeks, mud in the salad. These are things pulled from the ground, and they are more likely to be dirty than any other food. Take the time to wash your food and don’t be a lazy cook.
  5. The Potatoes Are In The Cupboard – WRONG! Potatoes and onions should be stored in the cold drawer of the fridge at all times. They won’t sprout; they’ll stay hard and fresh for much longer when you leave them in the fridge.

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