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Being a blogger can be extremely rewarding. You get to write about aspects of life that matter to you, or current events which may support or inform others. When some of your content may involve travelling, or even visiting restaurants or partaking in leisure activities, a national lockdown may put a stopper on your usual prose. That doesn’t mean that your writing has to stop. Instead, you may need to find a different direction that still allows you to connect with your reader base, while also remaining true to your original blog values.

Utilise Your Broadband

In a time where people feel fairly distanced from one another, it can be useful to hang up your keyboard for the time being, and swap it for a camera. Something as simple as recording your articles on video can make them feel more personal. With people craving social interaction, this can help keep their moods up, as well as keep you feeling fulfilled.

To be able to accomplish this, you will need a fairly decent connection that will allow you to upload your content with relative ease. Considering the number of people working from home and using the internet, you also want to be able to rely on a secure and stable connection. Looking for more info on the various broadband providers can help you to educate yourself on which provider might be able to best meet your needs. 

Alter Your Content

If you cannot write about your usual travel and leisure activities, it may be worth tailoring your content to the current climate. With a number of people struggling with their mental health throughout this period, you could instead write about the impact lockdown has had on you, as well as the methods you are using to cope with the changes. This could prove to be highly beneficial to other individuals, particularly those that also have the travel bug and are longing for the days when they could jet off with ease. If you do choose to follow this path, it is important that you are only posting genuine, reputable material, and try to avoid any information which may be hearsay, or go against the current guidelines and health and safety protocols in place.

Seek Support

You may be one blogger who is struggling to find their creative muse, but others may also be feeling the same. Utilising blogger support groups on social media, or even dedicated blogging and writing forums and websites, can help you to find new ideas, bounce ideas off of each other, and support each other with any negative feelings.

You could also reach out to your readers via a newsletter to find out if they have any tips for managing how they feel, as well as for what content they might like to see in the interim. Either way, it can be good practice to keep writing during this time, both to give your readers something to engage with, and for your own mental wellbeing.


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