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Guest blog

If you’ve ever travelled for so much as a weekend without recording a single moment, you may live to regret it. I know, because it happened to me. I once spent three days on a desert island in my early 20s. Just me, our little boat, a handful of others, and a passing sea turtle we named Shelly. To this day I wish I’d have made notes or posed for the odd photo.

Canvas Prints

Every now and then, we’re all capable of taking a photo deserving of a canvas print (perhaps order a photo wall if you have something worth committing to canvas).

I know two people with canvas prints in their homes, and both prints are fascinating. First, my friend has a print of a cliff, taken from a helicopter. That wouldn’t be especially interesting, but then you notice that there are straight lines coming into the shot from above. You realise those lines are ropes. Two ropes. No, three. Five. Maybe six? You keep looking. There are people on those ropes. On further inspection, my friend is there, hundreds of feet in the air on some gargantuan edifice, turning and smiling at just the right moment.

Second, an old work friend has a canvas print of her morning view through an open tent flap in Africa. There is fog. A lot of fog. There’s a tree close up that can clearly be made out. But almost as if by magic, if you look long enough, there appears to be a pair of cats eyes in the middle distance. She says she was taking the picture to remember the surprise of the low visibility and didn’t know she was being watched by something that probably had teeth sharp enough to cut glass.

Blog All About It

Nobody will read it. It’s pointless. I’m not a good writer. I couldn’t write a whole blog, I don’t know-how. Sound familiar? Blogging is one of the best ways to remember your journey. Simply stick to STAR. You may have come across STAR when your high school guidance counselor (or similar) attempted to impart some wisdom regarding interview technique. But it works for blogs, too.

Situation. Task. Action. Result. Start with what was going on. Expand into what you planned to do about it. Explain how things unfolded. Talk about what happened.

There. See. Simple. I dub thee a blogger (give it a go!).

Video Diary

As much as some of us wish to document our travels, we simply don’t know how to light the perfect shot or how to order our thoughts on a page. Granted. It can be difficult. Why not keep a video diary of your exploits?

Online streaming sites are filled with more handi-cam style footage than you could watch in a lifetime. Shaky shots are commonplace. You need not worry about professionalism. Just do us all a favour and try to at least video an occasional few frames of the thing you’re talking about – you don’t want to be that guy who held his camera the wrong way and filmed his entire trip as one continuous selfie!




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