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When it comes to tackling DIY jobs in the home, learning new skills is always something that should be encouraged. Taking the time to do your homework, check out tutorials, make sure you have the right tools and you are confident you can complete the task at hand are of course standard prerequisites for any home DIY task.

Going in blind is only going to make the issues worse and lead to incorrect repairs or even make the issue worse. 

That being said there are certain tasks around and the home you should never attempt to take on yourself if you don’t have the relevant training and experience no matter how many YouTube videos you watch. 

Fitting a bath

There are certain standards and fitting that need to be adhered to when it comes to fitting a bath. It isn’t quite as easy a task as it looks. Not to mention you need to be sure there are no leaks and the new bath doesn’t cause any damage to the flooring it is on or the structure of the house. 

That is before you even look at connecting it to the plumbing. While fixing a tap might be in your self learned repertoire, more complex jobs such as fitting baths, resolving a blocked toilet and installing a new shower could end up being made worse if you aren’t sure of what you are doing. It is best to consult with a plumber for tasks such as these to ensure the job is done properly and legally. 

Gas Leaks

Gas is highly volatile and as such any repairs, maintenance or emergencies involving gas or gas appliances should never be carried out by anyone who isn’t fully trained and certified. 

Fitting gas cookers or other household appliances, gas boilers and fires should be turned off in the event of a problem and the gas supply stopped to prevent leaks. Open windows and wait until a certified gas engineer has resolved the issue before using the appliance again. 

Removing internal walls 

As tempting as it can be to take a sledgehammer to a wall and rip it down, make sure you have checked the wall first. Or even better, consult a professional before even considering making any structural changes to your home. 

If the wall is load bearing this will have disastrous implications on the structural integrity of your home. This is aside from any plumbing or electrical. 

Having qualified tradespeople look at the wall and assess it first before you undertake any type of demolition work in interior walls should always be your first reaction in response to wanting to remove walls or restructure rooms inside your home. 

While this may seem like a hefty cost to absorb, the initial outlay to have this done professionally will be worth it to avoid any excess structural or electrical damage to your home. 


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