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It’s finally time for my first trip of 2017! You can have a peep at my full 2017 travel plans here if you fancy a nose. So I’m heading off to Paris for a weekend with Charlie, he actually surprised me with this trip for Christmas and I was over the moon. As I’ve previously mentioned I haven’t been to Paris since I was about 15 and I definitely didn’t appreciate it how I would now. I was more interested in finding a computer so I could log in to MSN back in those days…oh to be a naive teen again. 

So what to pack for a weekend away in French capital? I went on a fair few weekenders last year including a particularly cold trip to Berlin so I think I’ve just about got this down. I used to be a major overpacker (yes I did need all of those 11 t shirts god) but given you’re mostly restricted to a cabin sized suitcase I’ve learnt to be pretty ruthless, and also ensure I leave a little extra room for shopping ;).

The Suitcase

I love my American Tourister cabin suitcase! I take it everywhere I go, it’s the perfect size and it can be pulled along behind you or to the side if you want to be fancy. The design is simple, slick and robust. I’ve actually been meaning to upgrade my big suitcase for an American Tourister of a similar style, a must-have for my upcoming US road trip.

packing for paris 2

The Essentials

My city break packing has become pretty routine, and I always know roughly what I’ll be taking with me. I’ll usually wear a pair of jeans for the journey then take one extra pair with me plus a pair of more formal trousers (see the pinstripes above) for evenings. Oh and a big knit and scarf are winter break essentials of course!

  • 1 pair of jeans (plus the pair I’ll be wearing)
  • 1 pair of formal trousers
  • 1 knit (plus the jumper I’ll be wearing)
  • 2 long sleeve t shirts
  • A warm black coat (to go with everything)
  • Cross body bag
  • 1 pair of trainers (I always wear these for travelling)
  • 1 pair of boots for the evening
  • Underwear & socks (well duh)
  • 1 pair of pyjamas
  • Dry shampoo
  • Moisturiser 
  • Basic makeup essentials
  • A city guide
  • Euros, credit card, passport & camera

packing for paris 3

I picked up these fabulous boots for £11.99 in the H&M sale! Can you believe it? They’ll be ideal for dinner time and heading out for a few drinks, plus they’re surprisingly easy to walk in. In the day time I’ll be living in my New Balance. City breaks always mean a LOT of walking and I wouldn’t put my toes through any torture!

packing for paris 4

What are your city break essentials? Follow me on Instagram @tillyjayne_ to keep up to date with my latest travels and outfits! 

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