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I can barely contain my excitement typing this because I JUST BOOKED MY DREAM TRIP TO THE STATES.

For many many years I’ve dreamt of  heading to the US for the trip of a lifetime. Ever since the days of The OC I’ve lusted after California and it’s something I’ve never really let go of.

I toyed with the idea of solo trip, and researched TrekAmerica but ultimately I just don’t think I’m cut out for solo travel, maybe a short trip but certainly not a month! Thankfully my boyfriend Charlie has a keen explorer within him too and we finally bit the bullet and booked our dream trip.

So next year we’ll be flying out to San Fransisco and spending our first few nights exploring the city, and I can’t WAIT to visit Alcatraz. I have this weird obsession with prisons but yeh that’s enough of that.

After a few nights in San Fransisco we’ll be picking up our camper van (which is more like a 4×4 with a table and bench that turns into a bed) and heading down the Californian coast. Santa Cruz, Big Sur, Monterey, Pismo beach and Santa Barbara are all among our list of stops (oh and Newport Beach OBVS) until we hit Los Angeles.

L FREAKING A! I cannot WAIT although I’m slightly terrified of driving around here but I’m sure we’ll cope. And by we I mean Charlie.

After a few nights in LA we’ll be back on the road heading across to Arizona then up to VEGAS BABY, Death Valley, Yosemite Park and a few other stops which we’re in the midst of planning before heading back to San Fransisco. 

We’ll be there for a month in total so there’s plenty of time for spontaneous stops, exploring and generally just living my own little dream. 

If you have ANY recommendations in terms of things to do, where to stay for any of my stops then please please leave a comment or tweet me! 

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