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I realised I’d briefly touched on my travel plans when I was reflecting on all things 2016 but hadn’t really gone into depth or you know, rambled about it for 300+ words. I already feel like 2017 will be a year of change for me, but in a good way! Generally, I sway between being someone who loves change and also being someone who doesn’t like their boat rocked. On one hand I embrace it, routine can bore me and I enjoy the feeling of never knowing what’s around the corner but then on my other more sensible hand I fear a lack of stability. I think 2017 will be a ‘fuck it’ year and I’m kinda okay with that.

I feel excited for what the following 11 months will bring though and I think it’s going to be an incredible year. I knew I wanted to make it all about exploring, traveling to new cities and ticking a few destinations off my list, so here’s what’s in the works so far.


If you follow me on social media you may have seen that Charlie surprised me (dressed as a frenchman and all) with a trip to Paris for Christmas. It’s crazy how quick it’s come around and I can’t wait to live like a Parisian for a few days. I’ve been to Paris before but I was around 15 on a school trip, so I definitely didn’t appreciate it as I would now. I mean, Instagram didn’t even EXIST then. Or Facebook for that matter, #old. 


Ok slightly unconfirmed as I haven’t booked a hotel yet but I really want to go away for the weekend to celebrate my 25th. I’ve been fearing turning 25 so I need to ensure I’m having as much fun as possible. I know I know, I’m hardly over the hill but I’m now heading toward the other side of my 20’s despite still feeling about 19. I want to head somewhere with good vegan food and Brighton is apparently pretty damn amazing at that. If anyone has any hotel recommendations please send them my way as I really need to book one asap! 


Charlie and I have wanted to go to Amsterdam for ages and we were supposed to go last year but the trip unfortunately never happened. One of my friends who used to live there advises me Spring is the best time to visit so I thought May would be the ideal month. The flight is so short, I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to go! 

San Fransisco/Sequoia National Park/Yosemite National Park/Las Vegas/Grand Canyon/San Diego/Laguna Beach/L.A/Santa Barabara/Santa Cruz

I definitely had to ask Charlie to confirm where we’ll be going in June as we’ll be hitting so many places it’s hard to remember. Hard life I know. So, I’ll finally be living my American dream and I’m so excited to spend a good chunk of my summer living the life in the US (campervan and all). Not so excited about Trump. Shame we couldn’t have done this trip last year but I’m still absolutely buzzing to the point it doesn’t seem real yet.

The Lake District

This is somewhere I’ve shockingly never been but I reaaaally want to go! I’ve actually been enjoying taking mini breaks in the UK in-between our bigger trips and a long weekend of pure relaxation, walking and minimal technology definitely needs to be on the cards this year. Jess from The Travelista recently posted about her trip to the Lake District and it totally sold me!


I’m hoping we can get to either Stockholm or Copenhagen for a festive weekend this year, I know, it’s WAY too soon to be thinking about Christmas but I’m a serial planner and love to have my travels in motion. I hate if I have nothing to look forward to so we always try and book a trip when we return from a weekend away or holiday just so we have something ahead. I’ve been to Copenhagen before on a press trip with a few other bloggers a couple of years back but I’d love to explore with Charlie. 

So it looks like 2017 is definitely going to be full on in terms of travel plans, and I can’t bloody wait! Although it means fewer spontaneous ASOS orders (my DPD driver and I see each other far too often) and more saving, I can live with that. Although I still love to shop, the older I get I do favour making memories and exploring instead of major Zara splurges. Don’t get me wrong, it would be great to do both a girls gotta pay her billz. 

Do you have any exciting travel plans this year?

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