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This year I turned 24, and I haven’t stopped banging on about it either. A lot of early twenty somethings (yes still counting myself as early until I officially hit 25) are still quite into the going out scene. Or so my personal Facebook tells me anyway. But I couldn’t think of anything worse. Am I old or am I anti-social? Is this normal? Should I still be going out? Am I throwing away my youth?

The thought of going ‘out out’ actually makes me feel slightly off colour. Don’t get me wrong, I had my days of going out and being crazy and getting in at 4am to then start a breakfast shift at work for 6.30am. Those were the days.

But now? I feel totally out of my comfort zone. I stand awkwardly, staring at all the tipsy carefree people around me and wanting to be anywhere but there. Why would I want to be in a crowded club full of sweaty people when I could be out for a nice meal, or even better, in my bed?

I literally love nothing more than an evening snuggled in my blanket, with a good series to watch. Am I an OAP before my time? Should I be moving into one of those new over 55 complexes being built in my town? To be fair, they have lots of green space and have lovely little balconies. Lolol.

But being a 24 year old Grandma has its perks…

1. You Save Money.  I would actually mourn the loss of my hard earned cash if I had to spend it on vodka again. Just think of all those holidays and clothes I’d be missing out on. I dread to think how much I used to spend on nights out aged 18. Now I prefer to squirrel away any spare cash to put towards trips abroad, impulse COS purchases, and house savings (snore). 

2. You Feel Healthier. I’m certain my liver is thanking me for being a premature OAP. Or so it should be anyway, do you know how good I am to you?!!

3. The Weekly Sunday Hangover Is No More. My god, how I used to struggle. I would always wake up super early after a night out and have those awful alcohol shakes, combined with a lovely stabbing headache, nausea and light headedness. All fun and games. 

4. You Have More Time For Important Affairs

You know, like watching 8 hours of Prison Break solid. No regrets. 

5. You Don’t Need Going Out Clothes

My style is so casual that I don’t even know where I would begin with trying to be ‘out out’ appropriate. Are faux fur sliders club appropriate? I used to style the good old Topshop black bodycon skirt (holla if you remember these) with a different crop top each week. I know. Style Queen. 

Are you over the going out scene? Are you a secret OAP too?

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