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It’s no secret that I love Autumn, it’s my favourite season and I was pretty much ready for it by July August! When I think of this time of year Halloween, bonfire night, cosy pub dinners and Netflix sessions spring to mind, and what’s not to love about all of those activities?! I’m a huge horror film fan, so for me Halloween is an excuse to watch loads of gory and ghosty films with my fellow horror fan and BFF Rosie. This year we’re going all out with the decorations, pumpkin carving, Halloween baking and film watching.

HomeSense kindly provided me with a voucher to pick up a few spooky homewares in store, so have a look at what I bought! *It took all of my strength not to come home with a life size skeleton.

I picked up this guy who was reduced to £4! What a bargain. I will probably have a couple of real pumpkins but I thought it was cute and not too Halloween trashy. Though I do love a bit of Halloween trash.

Halloween HomeSense Haul 1
Seasonal tea towels have become a bit of a thing in my life and I’m not actually sure WHEN I turned 85 but hey. I thought these were snazzy and they match my monochrome home style. The napkins were hugely unnecessary but I couldn’t help myself!
Halloween HomeSense Haul 4
I’m a sucker for candles as it is but a pumpkin patch?! SO cute! I haven’t burnt any of these yet as I’m going to wait until the weekend before Halloween but they smell pretty good through the plastic.
Halloween HomeSense Haul 5
I’ve been after a skull planter for an eternity so when I spotted this marble design I almost squealed. I’ll probably put a candle in it for Halloween and afterwards I’ll replace with a cactus or succulent. Who says skulls are just for Halloween hey?
Halloween HomeSense Haul 3

Did I need cobweb plates? No. Did I want them? Yes. I also noticed the knitted pumpkins and thought they were quite cute and I liked the fact they were neutral so I think these will look good on my living room coffee table!

 Are you into Halloween? If you have any favourite Horror film recommendations then leave a comment or tweet me! 

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