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On Saturday just past I headed into my local city of Cambridge to go and check out the vegan market that was taking place at the Guildhall. I was pretty excited, since going vegan six months ago I’ve found a new passion for all thing vegan! Whether that’s food, clothes or cosmetics. I love finding new brands, and nothing beats the satisfaction of finding a great vegan product. I had no idea what to expect as I’ve never been to a vegan event before, and being in Cambridge (i.e. not London) I thought it might be quite small and fairly quiet.

Boy how I underestimated the vegan community of Cambridge! The market was absolutely PACKED and set over two fairly large rooms. I’d say there were around fifty stalls, all selling fabulous vegan treats. So here’s a little look at what I picked up…

Harpers Bizarre Vegan Candles

I’m drawn to candles as it is but since going vegan I’ve struggled to find any certified cruelty free & vegan candles made from soy wax. I made a beeline for this stall once I’d caught a glimpse of a few candles! They all smelt DIVINE, in fact I have one burning right now and it’s gorgeous. They were three for £20 which I thought was a total bargain. I picked up Malabar Sandalwood, Wolf Wood & Fossil Amber – as you can tell I’m quite into my earthy, masculine scents.

Lolas Cupcakes VeganLola’s Cupcakes

I’ve been wanting to try the vegan Lola’s cupcakes for ages but whenever I go to London I forget to pick some up. They were four for £12 which I thought was pretty good and OH MY GOD they were absolutely delicious.

Badgers Dairy Free Vegan ColeslawBadgers Dairy Free Coleslaw & Potato Salad

My vegan prayers were answered when I stumbled across THESE. I don’t really ‘miss’ anything now that I’m vegan, but I did used to eat a fair amount of potato salad back when I was veggie so I was keen to see how this measured up. I can confirm both are absolutely delicious and better than any egg products!

Jo Clark DesignJo Clark Bunny Print

We all know how much I love bunnies, and owning four myself means I usually buy anything and everything that’s bunny themed. I love this print from Jo Clark – and it fits perfectly with my grey and white interiors! Be sure to check out her website, there are tonnes of super cute greetings cards, prints & mugs perfect for Christmas presents!

Lettices Vegan CheeseLettices Vegan Products

I’d heard of Lettices from Vegan Food magazine so I was keen to give them a go myself. Everything was three for £12 and they had tasters out so you could give the products a try. I picked up the camembear spread (so tasty) and the holiday ham which I think I might cook on a pizza! I haven’t tried the Mozzarella yet but I’ll be sure to give you an update.Vegan Tote Bag
Vegan Deviant Tote Bag

How cute is this tote bag?! Perfect for carrying my food shopping and spreading the message loud and clear haha. I also love the fun guy badge that came free with the tote – hehe. I’ve linked directly to the tote AND it’s free shipping what more excuse do you need?!

Did you visit the Cambridge vegan market? Would you go to something like this in in the future? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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