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Hello! A little bit of last minute NYE inspiration for ya’ll. I’m not usually the sequin type, but I love the mix of copper, gold and khaki in this beautiful jacket from Billabong. It’s part of a ‘Winter Luxe’ capsule collection and a really special piece, currently on sale too! I’ve never been super dressy, in fact I can’t remember the last time I voluntarily wore a dress, so a trouser and statement jacket combo suit me perfectly. Teamed with my Kenzo clutch which was a Christmas gift from my mum, I’m obsessed with it! I’ll definitely be carrying a clutch everywhere from now on. Bags with handles are so 2014.

p.s I’m in a hair rut, once dyed (those roots are giving me nightmares) do I keep with the blonde look or go back to being a grey granny? HELP.

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