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Clutch: Asos Hat: Topshop Studded Sweater: Ragged Priest @ Topshop Skeleton Ring: Asos Cable Knit Jumper: H&M Laptop Case: Marc by Marc Jacobs Sequin Collar Blouse: Goldie Flaftorm Boots: Asos Blouse: Goldie

Hi guys! So there’s quite a few bits and pieces here mainly because there is SO much stuff I want right now! As soon as I start seeing embellishment, knits, sequins and deep rich colours flooding into stores I get so excited. I’m still so obsessed with collar details, whether it be studs, sequins or even collar pins. These two blouses from Goldie are just up my street. Dressy enough to be worn in the evening or toned down during the day, you can buy these off Topshop too (I’ve linked) and get your student discount which is what I plan to do! Next up the flatform boots, I know people seem to be quite split with flatforms. I myself do like this kind of style which is more of a mix between a flaftorm and a slight wedge. You won’t be seeing me in creepers anytime soon though as much as I think they look awesome on other people they just don’t suit me whatsoever. These ones are pretty much the same style as my Vera flatforms just in boot form so I’ll be snapping these up on payday! 

As you may have read I bought myself a little MacBook so it’s only right I buy a cute case for it! This Marc by Marc Jacobs one is my favourite so far and not as expensive as I thought it would be. It’s available in quite a few other colours (including the pink – which one should I get?!) on ShopBop. The clutch bag and ring are both asos buys, I’ve been looking at this clutch for what seems about 2 years now. First in the horse print and now cat print. I love it I just don’t know why I’ve never bought it so I’m going to get it when payday comes before it sells out and the ring I just thought was really cool! A brand that I first noticed and drooled over in Topshop Oxford Circus is the Ragged Priest, their pieces are amazing and they all differ slightly due to the vintage nature. I really love this jumper and the shoulder details, it’s even more convenient now that they stock on the Topshop website so if you don’t live near a concession you can still grab a piece. Finally, the jumper is just a basic that I’ll be investing in, I tend to steer towards H&M for knitwear as their pricing is very reasonable (ahem, Topshop) and the colour is gorgeous. As you see from my blog I wear my bowler hat a lot and I think it would be nice to invest in another colour, I’m hoping they bring out a burgundy version though!

Is there anything you have your eye on at the moment? I’d love to hear or see any of your own wish lists just leave me a link in the comment box and I’ll have a look!

Tilly xo

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