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As it’s getting colder and colder I keep finding myself having little clothing dilemmas. I think this is down to the fact that I do not own a single pair of jeans. This comes as quite a shock to some people as it’s a wardrobe staple which some can’t live without. I did used to live in them when I was younger but I think I have become too dependant on the comfort of leggings and tights over the past few years. I decided to take the plunge and have ordered myself a pair off ASOS, I went for a slim ‘boyfriend’ type fit though I am after a pair of skinny fit too (if I decide jeans are actually OK) I have heard good things about the Topshop Jamie jeans, do any of you have a pair? Or maybe a similar style? I will let you know how the denim hunt goes and if the ASOS jeans will be sticking around!

Tilly xo

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