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I’ve recently found myself more and more obsessed with anything remotely glitter, metallic or sequin! With Christmas looming and upcoming festive outings I can’t help but look at all the gorgeous new clothes coming into stores. I’ve been after a pair of glittery shoes since I became obsessed with ~those~ miu miu glitter boots but I don’t think i’ll be forking out for them anytime soon. I love the glitter chelsea boots as pictured above (great for evenings I don’t want to wear heels!) they are also a bargain at just under £30!! Find them on they also have lots of lovely new bits for A/W.

I’m quite curious as to how well the lip tattoos work, has anyone tried them? They look quite swish and are on sale on ASOS at the moment so I may give them a whirl – embarassing pictures probably to follow.

Tilly xo

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