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Lightning up a room that is just a little bit too dark is a great way to make it seem more inviting. The lighter and brighter the room is, the more welcoming and the more appealing it will automatically be.


So, let’s take a look at some of the best ways to brighten up that dark room in your home right now.


  1. Paint the wood


If you are in a dark room, having dark furniture in there will only enhance the effect and make the place seem a bit gloomy and foreboding. Luckily, it is really easy to sand, prime and repaint most types of wood, and most types of wooden furniture, even if you aren’t exactly great at DIY. Use white or cream furniture paint and the effect will be instant even if there is not actually much more light in the space.


  1. Roll out the rugs


If your room is dark, then placing a white or cream rug, or maybe even one of these cowhide rugs from on this website, on the floor will add an instant point of light, what’s ore the light colour of the fabric will reflect any light that is shining down on it, for an instantly uplifting effect.


  1. A flourish of fairy lights


Fairy lights are a great accessory to have in a dark room because you can wrap them around vases, place them around doors and windows, and as soon as you turn them on, the room will instantly feel lighter, brighter and more fun, especially in the evenings. Tye are also really cheap and you don’t have to do any complex DIY to install them in place, so every home should have a set of fairy lights or two.


  1. Harness the magic of mirrors


Mirrors are magical when it comes to making a dark space seem lighter and brighter. The trick is to hang them on walls that are facing the windows, so that, during the day at least, the mirrors will catch and reflect the light back around the room where it will stop the place from feeling so dingy.


  1. Keep it light in the window area


If you are looking to brighten the room up, then hanging heavy velvet curtains or installing heavy wooden blinds is unlikely to help, so if you must have a window treatment, two light voiles at either side of the frames is all you need to make sure the window feels dressed without making the place seem even darker.


  1. Ensure the ceiling is really white


Go to the DIY store and ask them to get you some paint that is “true white” in colour. Use this to paint your ceiling, and it will have an instant uplifting effect, which will add more light to the space, especially if you use an uplight on the ceiling as that light will bounce off the white paint and back into the room where you need it to be.


  1. Downsize the furniture


One thing that will definitely brighten a dark room is removing any bulky heavy furniture, even if it is light in colour. The sheer size of big couches and sideboards can make the place seem stuffy and dank whereas having lots of empty space can make it feel bigger, brighter and more open. Slimline furniture in dark rooms is definitely the way forward.


  1. Declutter


Similarly, if you have a lot of clutter in your space, it will absorb the light and make it feel even darker, so although it can take some time and effort, and it is not always easy to part with things, decluttering is definitely a sensible measure to take if you’re serious about lighting up that dark room.


  1. Let there be light


Last, and not least, make sure there is a lamp or candle n every table and any other surface you can think of to put one on and use them whenever you want it to feel lighter in your home. The more lighting options you have, the easier it will be to get the optimum lighting levels for your home and then, even on those days when it feels oppressively dark, you can do something about it.


You don’t have to employ all of the thedse simple decor tricks in your home, but the more of them you do implement into that dark room, the lighter and brighter it is sure to be, and the happier you will be too.


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